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So much going on in this one picture.. 😢💔 #MXGPimola picture by; @massimozanzani


Pure Power 🐎! 215 cv Arte applicata alle 2 ruote. Vi piace questa Aprilia Factory-Works ?


After a week relaxing my mind it’s now time to keep thanking the following people which I randomly choose the order of this pictures. I THANK : 1.2.3 • My DAD, because he’s the man who look after every single thing, beginning from his job back home, to the team, myself, cleaning my stuff, arranging my clothes, double checking my bike, giving me the best of his best❤️ 4.5 • My MUM, because even if she’s scared even if she cry even if she can’t look, she’s still there every race ! 6 • My brother and my mechanic, because behind the scene they put in some real hard work for me during the all year and they keep my head up during the race. 7 • My suspensions guys, because they’re always ready to test when I need and they give me the best they can already since many years 8 • Scott, because he showed up right before race1 with an hug and that kinda blow all the pressure of the race away which helped a lot.. and the rest we know! 9.10 • My sister, because I never had one but I have you! I truly consider you my sister of a different blood, you stick next to me in the most difficult times of my life, you been always there even when you weren’t physically, you been the biggest help in Assen this year and we did the same in Imola. You lie in bed next to me before the most difficult races this year, with a cup of tea couple of cookies.. screaming when I needed and remaining in silence when you knew I needed.. doing our routines took me to the main goal in the easiest way possible ! THANK YOU once again to all of you ❤️ will thank some more in my next post.


منو يتمنى يمتلك نفس هذي الغرفة؟!


Catch me if you can 🚀 — #Lamborghini #Huracan #V10 #Supercar #luxurycar #carstagram #imola #track #followme


L’occhio è il punto in cui si mescolano anima e corpo... #green #occhi #me #model #italianboy #italy



Lamborghini Esperienza driving program welcomes the brand new Aventador SVJ. Discover more about the Esperienza program on #lamborghini #lamborghinisc #aventadorsvj #aventador #pirelli #pertamina #rogerdubuis #oppo


Vou escolher!


Overtaking mi compadre @nickbianchi888 ..sorry NB! 😘 #Imola #LamborghiniEsperienza 🇮🇹 @lambo_mark @lamborghini_craig @hrowenlamborghini 👌


Io La Più Bella😍😍😘😘