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Yippeeeeee🙌🙌💃💃💃💃😁😁😁😁😁 Indianapolis here i am 👏😀😀😀 missing ur naughtiness @i_am_shai 🙉😀😁 cc @moyinpwety @monsurat33 @olori_dellyjay @yinkaicanfly




felt boujee


Garth the Dog, what’s your favorite color?! 🎄


I’m in literal disbelief that Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK! AAAH! So much to do little time! But I’ve been ahead of the holiday game with my decking the halls. We’re going out of town for Thanksgiving and it’ll be so nice to come home to some festive feelings! Does anybody Keese have a tree up yet!!????...or twinkle lights??? Tell me I’m not alone!!!🤓. . . .One of my FAVE Christmas decor things so far has been using my @cottonballlights_usa on my tree! It was so easy to stick them on there and the tree looks so cool! Y’all check em out and I gotta code for ya! Use Blissfully_eclectic10 and save on your your order! Y’all won’t believe the color selections! SO GOOD! . . . . . . #persuepretty #flashesofdelight #colourmyhome #myhomevibe #myhouseidea #myhousebeautiful #mybhg #interiorboom #apartmenttherapy #sodomino #myinterior #bohemiandecor #everydayibt #stellarspaces #mynordicchristmas #scandiboho #myhyggehome #inmydomaine #showemyourstyled #eclectichomemix #livingroomdecor #scandimaximalism


#motivationalmonday -It’s been a minute since we posted a workout video with Obi. We’re still going at it, but it feels weird to video tape workouts to me. (Admission: I’ve always been the person that made fun of the people who took pictures/recorded workouts. Sorry!) Now look at me! . Yesterday after work, Obi and I did a short dog squat/box jump workout. The winter gear was a little trickier to move around in. You have no idea how many layers I have on underneath my uniform! We’re talking Christmas Story “I can’t put my arms down!” layers! . . . . #k9 #k9obi #k9training #training #k9strong #dogfitness #mondaymotivation #fitnessmotivation #fitness #girlswholift #crossfit #muttfit #dogsquats #squats #workout #workoutpartner #workingdog #fitcops #copswholift #thinblueline #liftheavy #crossfitgirls #fitforduty #fitforlife #policedog #k9handler #k9partner


i finally dropped merch for christ’s sake there’s a stupid link in my bio first 50 to buy one get called/thanked/verbally abused so GRAB 11 OF THEM LINK IN BIO btw im coming for ur brand @loganpaul


One more autumn shot before we get into winter season..🦔🍂🍁 hehe


I LOVE a deal! One of my favorite conversations to have with people are great deals I have found! Anyone else? Grey Express Sweater- Goodwill green tag $2 Scarf- I don’t remember, probably not a great deal... since I don’t remember Yellow J.Crew Pants- $10 Toffee colored boots- $13 See I love a deal! Let me tell you a little about these yellow pants. I bought them in 2010. I remember this because I got them just before I went a ICU nursing conference in Washington DC. Honestly, that was probably the ONLY time I wore them. Because the following year I had my first baby. And then baby number 2 and 3 followed in the next 4 years. I never thought I would be able to wear these pants again. This is not something that kept me up at night, just part of the story. I actually gave them to a friend. But, whether intentional or not, left them in my car where they stayed for quite sometime, until they finally made back up to my closet and sat on a shelf. Fast forward to my choosing a healthy lifestyle. Changing my daily rhythms and habits. I thought just maybe I might get back into these yellow pants. And... they fit! Actually, they are almost too big! You maybe thinking- “wow. Congratulations. So happy for you.” In for best ‘Debby Downer’ voice. BUT this CAN be YOU TOO!!! AND are you ready for the GREAT DEAL!!! Challenge Packs are $20 off this month! And on top of that Friday we are getting into the Black Friday Fun!!! I told you I love a deal!!! Want more details? Leave a comment below! #livingmybestlife #liveyourbestlife #ificandoitsocanyou #greatdeals #savingmoney #lifewithabudget #marriedaspreadsheetnerd #freespirit #bestfinds #mommyhood #momlife #girlmommy


🐶🐶 did I get your attention with the adorable Dixie?! Good. Now keep reading 🤓 . . . . Why? Such a small word but could be such a tough one to answer. If you say you want to make a change in your life, but you can't answer this question - then it's going to be a lot harder to instill the change. If you don't know why you want to improve your health, why you want to workout more, why you want to run the marathon, why you want to eat better, etc. then how are you going to hold yourself to it? It's easy to set a goal. Anyone can do that, all it takes is a thought. It's much harder to achieve that goal, but understanding WHY you want to achieve it makes all the difference. . . . Think of what you want, write it down. Under that goal, write down why you want it, under that why - right down why you want that, and so on. Each line you should be able to ask yourself why you want what you wrote on the above line. Keep doing this until it's completely broken down, and you have a clear understanding about what you want and why you want it. You also may find that you want things for the wrong reasons or different reasons that your initially thought. . . . #sandysmithcpt #cpt #personaltrainer #fitness #health #wellness #strength #crosstrain #workout #run #onlinetrainer #onlinecoach #healthcoach #coach #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #livinglafayette #lafayetteindiana #indiana #indy #fitindy #indianapolis #westlafayette #midwest #purdue


Welp, we did it y’all. @arrivemarket launched this weekend & my childhood dreams were realized.⠀ ⠀ Thanks to all of you who have been on this wild ride so far & who continue to listen to me talk endlessly about chasing your passions & using your gifts.⠀ ⠀ From a girl who thought she was destined to be a doctor & would never be able to follow her dreams, I am telling you, YOU CAN. It will be SO much work & absolutely will be a roller coaster ride, but who wants to be bored anyway🤷🏼‍♀️⠀ ⠀ So thank you for the endless support because y’all have definitely gotten me through some yucky stuff. I hope to make every single one of you proud with the market & can’t wait to see what comes next!!⠀ ⠀ I would LUV to know what YOU are working on so I can be a cheerleader on your journey too. Big or small, let me know below & I will make sure to give encouragement all along the way❤️⠀ ⠀ Now let’s go slay this short holiday week & earn those food babies that are surely on their way!!⠀ xoxo, Mel


Oh you know me...and that glitter... @zaianna23 ✨✨✨💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻 #cndgowithapro #indygrammers #indynailtech #manicurist #indynails #cndshellac #cndworld #nailsofinstagram


Blown away by these gorgeous ‘Abstract’ Quartzite countertops! #designervictoria #quartzite


hello there. it’s been a while. in light of a few unexpected turns that my life took, i seized the opportunity to take a step back from everything photo related. i found myself in a really bad place, missing tons of schools and spending my days in places where i didn’t really to be in. nevertheless, i just wanted to check in to say that i’m alive. here’s a picture of maclean. there’s nothing special about it, i just think it looks cool ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if you made it this far, go follow her new photo account. it’s tagged.


[ BLACK FRIDAY | November 23rd] @fnlindy presents : BAD B*tches LINK UP . Powered by @bobbitoswayy @theendgoal @thereal28way @wudi_fresco . . Ladies party for free before 12:30 AM . Ladies in groups of 6 or more receive a free bottle of @ciroc and a free table before 12:30 AM . Enjoy sounds by @djstrick317 & @djfatwes . Doors open at 10:00 PM . The exclusive party at @limelightindy . #FNLINDY #FridayNightLights #BlackFriday #Sexy #LadiesNightOut #BaddiesLinkUp


Happy #sailingmonday sailors! We hope that your Monday has been a great start to your Thanksgiving Week! #sailing #catalina22 #joewaterssails #idratherbesailing #ragbaggersofpatokalake


Smile, it’s thanksgiving break! Which means I get to play with my friends out in pasture without interruption for a whole week!