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It doesn’t get much brighter than this! Staff at @iu_health are rocking PINK hair to show their support of breast cancer patients and their families. Link in bio! #breastcancerawarenessmonth


Jack Elliott Daniel Tuttle made his entrance yesterday at 8:45am. 7lb 9oz and 20” long. Mom and jack are doing great. Jess was awesome. She crushed it. I’ve never been more amazed by her than I was yesterday.


Became an Uncle a little sooner than expected, but this little gal is eating like a champ and even gaining some weight.!! I love you so much already Isla 😘💕


welcome to the world little bro:) love ya


3 years strong{er} 💪🏼


So thankful for my breathtaking girlfriend being so strong, helpful and loving yesterday and today throughout the accident and with all crazy medical stuff that has been going on. It’s been a rough 24 hours and going to be another rough 2 months, but I’m so thankful for the amazing support and prayers I’ve received from my family, friends and the healing power of God. #philippians4:6


She took her last chemo day like a champ and with a s̤̮m̤̮i̤̮l̤̮e̤̮ ✨ . . . . I am so proud of my momma in so many ways and admire her strength every day. She has taught me all the simple and important things that matter in life~ like giving & not taking, building others up & never tearing them down, having faith and believing, and giving effort to relationships to show that you care and want to build a strong and trusting connection. She is truly one of a kind and I’m proud to be her daughter. Congrats on your last chemo day supermom! 🧚🏻‍♀️ My dad shows love/ support/encouragement/ compassion and would do ANYTHING for us girls in a heart beat. He has been there for my mom on her good days and her bad days, taking care of her and making her laugh. Thank you for holding mom’s hand when I couldn’t. My sisters think of every good idea 💡 and have the biggest hearts. They always put family first and have been my moms rock through this tough time~thank you both for being there through the ups and downs and for throwing her such a fun and uplifting party for her last chemo day. I am so thankful for you two. My mom has the best of friends & family, who have visited her throughout her chemo journey while showering her with gifts, sending motivational words, and most importantly lifting her spirits. 🔮 These people fill my heart with love and gratitude ☀️💛 It is not easy living across the country from my home, family, my whole ♥️, especially days like yesterday that create forever lasting memories. It’s wasn’t easy to be away and miss moments like taking her to doctor appointments, bringing her dinner, watching movies, or simply spending time together during this journey. Unfortunately, these are all things that can’t be done long distance. But I gave emotional support, prayers, happy FaceTime dates, funny texts, and love & I know she feels me there with her even when I’m physically not. I am excited to be home tomorrow to give her the biggest squeeze in the world and tell her I love her & am proud of her. That brings me peace & happiness. 🙌🏼💛❤️ #cancersucks


“Keep your head up God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.” He doesn’t ever give you more than what you can handle, & he knew I could handle this. Spinal cord surgery is absolutely no joke. November 28, 2017 I found out I had a spinal cord tumor on my neck, wrapped in my spine, & ever since then I’ve looked at life in a new light, never once will I take life for granted ever again. This past Tuesday i had a 5 hour long surgery to take out the tumor & honestly it was probably the hardest & scariest thing i will have to do in my life. I had to reteach myself how to walk & how to go up & down stairs again, plus many other things. But besides all that, I just want to give all my thanks to the neurosurgeons who are absolute miracle workers and could help me come out of this with barely any symptoms. I am truly, truly grateful & now I have an amazing story to tell & an amazing battle scar to show how strong I truly am.


So now that I’ve had a day to process it all. Friday on my way home from school I was involved in an accident. The person in front of me slammed on their brakes and I slammed on mine and swerved to avoid hitting them, but I slid and hit a semi trailer. I am fine, the car was totaled. Later Friday evening I went to IU Health Methodist to be evaluated due to a headache, pain/tingling in my arm. I was seen and discharged, I had about 1/2 a day of rest before I went to my first clinical at St. V, I wanna thank everybody for the thoughts and prayers, checking in on me, baking me stuff, and keeping an eye on me. #accident #iuhealth #methodisthospital #cargottotaled #alittlesore


Welcome to the fam *Cataleyah Rose Quintana💗Born 11/18/18 9:05am, 6lbs 4oz, 19.3/4” Bloom & grow baby girl🌹



All I'm missing is lashes #Work #selfies


This city view never gets old! #indianapolis #methodisthospital #citylights


❤️❤️❤️🤗 he got me and my co workers longs bakery this good morning ps I’m still on the clouds💕 ☁️


Noooooo! I know he was 95 but still a sad sad day. #rip #stanlee you will be missed #sadday #marvelheroes