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Tried explaining a golden weekend to someone recently, how it’s when you get a Saturday and Sunday off. The only response was “so it’s just a regular weekend...” Also, a random note, the person who lives above me stomps like an angry troll 👺


My whole life I always knew that medicine was a career I wanted to pursue in the future. Yesterday I got to take a tour of the @iu_health ER and catch a glimpse of the everyday lives of the real-life superhero’s in our world. I also got to see the #IULifeline helicopter!! Definitely a dream come true!!! Thank you to @combellick and Chris Weaver for making this day possible!! I can’t wait to follow in my moms footsteps someday and make a difference in the world of medicine. (Check out these amazing pictures by @cdchisholmcc !!!! ) #iuhealth #emergencymedicine #methodisthospital #lifelinehelicopter


So now that I’ve had a day to process it all. Friday on my way home from school I was involved in an accident. The person in front of me slammed on their brakes and I slammed on mine and swerved to avoid hitting them, but I slid and hit a semi trailer. I am fine, the car was totaled. Later Friday evening I went to IU Health Methodist to be evaluated due to a headache, pain/tingling in my arm. I was seen and discharged, I had about 1/2 a day of rest before I went to my first clinical at St. V, I wanna thank everybody for the thoughts and prayers, checking in on me, baking me stuff, and keeping an eye on me. #accident #iuhealth #methodisthospital #cargottotaled #alittlesore


It doesn’t get much brighter than this! Staff at @iu_health are rocking PINK hair to show their support of breast cancer patients and their families. Link in bio! #breastcancerawarenessmonth


Violet, you're turning violet, Violet! 👶🏼💜 #violetfaedillon


Strength in numbers. Courage in love.


Mollie Born, BSN, RN 💉🏥 Passed my NCLEX, packed up my apartment in St. Louis, & moved to Indianapolis all in the last 48 hours! Excited to begin my nursing career at Indiana University Health— Methodist’s Surgical Trauma ICU. I could not have done this without the amazing support of my family, friends, & boyfriend! Thank you❤️


🗣My BabyBoy👦 Jay’Juan Dewayne Irving💫


Our sweet Elliot is a year old today. I remember our first night in the hospital so vividly. It was surreal and bewildering. After all the nurses had left us alone for the night I realized we were completely responsible for her life. Unsure of what to do that night or how to take care of a human, I took a bit of solace in knowing that every parent that had ever existed must have felt something like I did that night. Luckily, and unbeknownst to me at that time, the child that @shalynbessler had delivered earlier that day was going to be a good sleeper, eater, crawler, walker, and impervious to all of the most naive impulses of this clueless father. Our 365th night was as surreal as that first. I hope it never gets easier to put her to sleep at night, and I hope she never stops making me a better man, day after day. Parenthood is better than Instagram can communicate, guys.


I took these to my car instead of the elevator. There are only 27 of them but every little bit helps


I bought 6 books to read while Chris has surgery. Is that too many? 🤷🏼‍♀️


My grandparents were hit head on in a very serious car accident on Friday evening. My grandpa is lucky enough to walk away with a broken ankle and few scrapes. My grandma has several broken bones and a few serious neuro issues, causing her to be in neuro critical care. They both have a long road ahead of them, especially with their age...she’ll be 90 is June. I was able to capture this special moment when we took my grandpa to see my grandma this afternoon. They’ve been married for over 60 years and I know this time together will help them heal. ❤️


Every time I hold you my heart grows a little more ❤️ I knew NICU life would not be easy but man this is hard! Everyday challenges us like I didn’t know possible. More tears have rolled down my cheeks then ever before but every time I hold you Luca James nothing else matters. The world stops for the hour or so and our hearts beat together. I love you forever baby boy ❤️ #nicu #31weeks #ivfjourney #ivf #ttc #pcos #infertility #babyboy #lucajames #myheart #blessed #thankful #nevergiveup #nicumom #nicumoments @bradshafer17 @everytinything


Snow days aren't as much fun when you have to be at work at 6:30. No excuses!


I’m so proud of this man and all his accomplishments! How wonderful is his new home away from home making this banner for him? I’m so excited for your new journey ahead and what’s more is I get to see his happy face every day. So blessed to have you in my life... and now, hospital. 😍