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Best agency in the business @mvpsportsgroup ! Thanks for hooking it up with the custom All Star cleats by @truebluecustoms


Jacks first @indyindians game 🤗 #rolltribe


Felicidades mami ❤️❤️❤️ gracias mil gracias viejita linda 🙏🏻


@ahasnie was nervous to throw the first pitch at the #IndyIndians game but she had nothing to worry about. #killedit


🇺🇸 Well... we had a good race going until we threw it all away in the pits. But we win as a team and loose as a team. We’ll be better at the #INDY500 🇧🇷 Até que a corrida tava boa... até jogarmos fora nos pits tudo que tínhamos conseguido ganhar na pista. Mas ganhamos juntos e perdemos juntos. Vamos dar um jeito na casa pras 500 Milhas.


Had SO MUCH FUN throwing out the first pitch for the @indyindians tonight!! I'm pretty sure it's the only strike I've ever thrown. Next up is #Phillips66Nats ⚾️🏊🏼‍♀️🇺🇸


#Repost @rookdavis24 ・・・ BP session during the rain delay... And yes that's the dugout. @cody_reed going wayyyyy back 🏊🏼🚣🏻💣


Every cookier has a cookie idol, and here's mine- @sweetambs !She's the reason I discovered the world of decorated cookies! . Two years ago, I was going through a dark time in my life- I had just lost my mom to cancer. It was past midnight and I could not sleep. I was scrolling through FB and I see a video of Amber decorating cookies. Heyyyy, I can do this (except it wasn't as easy as it looked lol)! The insomnia pushed me to go to my kitchen and make my first batch of royal icing, even though it was 2am. I didn't even have piping bags or tips! I used a ziplock bag to pipe my first cookie 😂! I say the insomnia was the reason, but I truly believe there were other forces at work... this is gonna sound cray cray, but I really believe my mom was looking out for me. She knew I needed a therapeutic outlet for my grief. I just can't help but think about all the things that connected me to cookies: - I took my first class with @youcancallmesweetie, and little did I know the person sitting next to me would become my cookie bff @camillescookiejar ... and it's nuts, but she makes flan for my birthday & it tastes just like my mom's. I can't go a day without talking to this woman! I know Camille came into my life for a reason. - I won @sugardayne ticket to #cookiecon. I only had 2 cookie friends before this. It just opened a whole new world to me and helped me find my tribe! And when I heard Katy's story, it just resonated with me- We both share the same grief. . I know it sounds nuts, but I feel like my mom wanted me to see Amber's video, wanted me to take Sandy's class so I can meet my best friend Camille, and wanted me to win Katy's ticket so that I can full immerse myself into the cookie world. I think about my mom everyday. It used to hurt a lot more, but now I can smile at some of the memories. Thanks for looking out for me Ma. #chuacookie


Beautiful night for #baseball #rolltribe @indyindians @rjgovert


OMG 😍😍😍 How gorgeous is this couple! She totally rocked one of our Homecoming Dresses this season. Thanks so much for shopping Designer Consigner Boutique & sharing your pictures with us. Designer Consigner Boutique 6329 S. Mooresville Road Indianapolis, IN 46221 317-856-6370 317-979-9628-Text Option #ShortFormals #SemiFormals #HomecomingDresses #Homecoming #Homecoming2018 #Homecoming2K18 #HOCO #HOCO2018 #HOCO2K18


#NSP Convention 2018


‪I’m rather adorable today. #unicorn 🦄 ‬


🎉🙌EEEE!!!!! CONGRATS to my team, The Fit Crew! We are currently ranked ⚡️687⚡️ out of over 450,000 in our company! We’ve changed so many lives in 2018 and I couldn’t be prouder of our hard work! #StrongerTogether #FitCrewCoaches #TheFitCrew #MyTribe #WeMetOnline #workfromyourphone