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7800 Col. H. Weir Cook Memorial Drive Indianapolis, Indiana - Places nearby

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catching flights, not feelings




I almost didn’t make it. To Indy i mean. Crazy weather had this Cali girl all weirded out. I am so glad i did though. We forget we are more than just our daily routine and that we have something to offer. Big or small. These women mean so much to me. For a few days we were trapped in an Airbnb and man did it push us in more ways than one. We opened up and shared our lives to each other, laughed harder than I’ve ever laughed before, we watched movies, and we encouraged one another to keep being who we were meant to be. This is my job. This is what i get from this stupid little choice i made over a year ago. It has given me more friends, more acceptance, and more love than i ever expected. If your on the fence. If you feel like you need a place. I have a spot for you right next to me. Let us fill you up ❤️ to all the women i have known and got to know this past weekend, thank you. For filling up my cup. See you in Nashville! Or Vegas 😝 @monatofficial #monat #friendship #womenhood 📸 @sarahhill920


&& we out


Coziest leopard fleece pullover & sneaks kind of day💗🙌🏼 - and Starbs Chai, always!! Heading somewhere warm this morning ✈️🎉 You can get 50% off of this pullover with code XOXOsweater when you check out! @goodnightmacaroon #liketkit #lovegm


you were fun Indy


flying isn’t my thing apparently #stranded


baby it’s cold outside 🥶


Feeding 150 TSA employees at the IND airport for free again today! Thanks for the partnership with @viennabeef @sspamerica @marywthr Thank you for keeping @visitindy safe! #tsa #food #congress #compromise


It’s been real INDY✌🏾


Camomile tea and airport ceilings.