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Moments that leave you speechless. #VentureTheAlps


As if staying in @victoriajungfrau wasn’t special enough there is also a giant ice skating rink right in front of it 🙌🏻⛸


Sanatoriums created a culture of escapism that persisted even as the world around them changed forever. Around the 19th century, European factory workers routinely left their overcrowded and soot-congested cities for the Alps, where the air was fresh, dry and unsullied by inefficient machinery. They’d return to their grueling jobs rested, rejuvenated and, so the logic went, ready to work. The sojourns were doctor-prescribed, and the sites of revival — high-altitude sanatoriums, staffed with medical workers — were often state-funded. As dramatized in Vittorio De Sica’s 1973 film “A Brief Vacation,” Clara, a Calabrian mother of three living a wretched life in industrial Milan, contracts tuberculosis and is sent to a clinic in Lombardy, where, in addition to receiving X-rays and medication, she eats lavish meals, sleeps in clean white linens, has an affair with a fellow patient, makes glamorous friends and spends inordinate amounts of time bundled up on verandas staring at snow banks. “You shouldn’t read the papers,” she overhears one fellow patient advise another. “Things are so bad, they’ll raise your fever." Is it any wonder these sanctuaries feel more relevant than ever? Pictured: The #BelleEpoque-style pool inside the spa of the Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa in Interlaken, Switzerland. This 19th-century retreat was once considered one of Europe’s great grandes dames, visited by the likes of Emperor Dom Pedro II of Brazil and Mark Twain. Click the link in our bio to explore more of Europe's lost sanatoriums. Photos by @FabriceFouillet.


The stereotype is true, Switzerland does have the best (most expensive) chocolate!


‘ ‘‏اللھم صباح لايمسنا فيہ سوء , ‏صباح مُبشِّر بگل شيٰء جميل.. ‘ ‘ ‏صباح الخير🌹🌹 ‏⁧‫


yoo-hoo big summer blowout (if you know you know)


Wishing my better half the happiest birthday yet from 2,125 miles away💙counting down the days until i get to see you again🎉I love you more than anything💖 #hammy #mmmhhmmmm #acquaintances #fightonbish


Wouldn’t want to spend my birthday any other way than strapped to a Swiss man...I mean paragliding in the Alps😅


what better way to celebrate panhellenic scholarship month than by studying abroad 🤩🤩 “Studying abroad has been so amazing, I feel like I’m learning so much both inside and outside the classroom! Our world is so incredible, the more of it I see, the more of it I want to see. Every day is a new experience, it’s been such a great opportunity for me academically and personally.” -Lauren Deems


Where diplomats come to play 👩🏼‍⚖️


Lars~ Thank you👍👍👍 . . . #스위스 #인터라켄 #베른 #swiss #interlaken #paragliding #패러글라이딩 #너무추움 #눈발싸대기 #1분에만원 #공중분해 #융프라우 #융프라우도가고싶다🤣 #다음기회에 #얼굴 #똥그라미 #민스타그램 #여행 #유럽 #유럽여행 #민이신남 #멀미 #좋아요 #선팔 #맞팔 #팔로우 #일상 #데일리