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670 Spectrum Center Dr Irvine, California - Places nearby

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I’m really bad at ice skating but at least he’s handsome.🎄


Decking the halls! Love all of the beautiful decor around town. #christmasdecor #modernchristmas #holidaydecor




She’s just one happy girl🦋


hang in there baby !


Remington’s First Christmas Photos with Santa! 🎅🏼 ❤️


Christmas is just around the corner and we are still SO behind on all our holiday shopping!! could be because every time we hit a mall, we get distracted by their big Xmas Tree 😶


Its Monday, Love Yourself! 💪🏼 - If you don’t work on being the best vesrion of yourself and being PROUD of what you’ve done to get to where you are at... It will reflect in everything you do.💯 Often we see people with their faces buried in their phone 📲 afraid to make eye contact, or start a conversation. Its because they don’t love themselves🤔 trust me, this was me several years back. We also see people spreading negativity and hating on those that are successful! Its not because they are evil people. They just dont love themselves! This is a simple concept that NOBODY talks about because it comes off as “conceited” or “weird”. But truth be told, love yourself, love your life, and its much easier to love helping other people. Fill your cup first🙏🏼 then fill others’✅


Seasons greetings! 👋🏻 ❤️ can you see the 🎡 behind me? • • #ru_red_18 #rebels_united #jj_forum_2464 #365_decoration #picturethis365


Ruby's Diner. Over 40 US locations, founded in Newport Beach, CA, USA. Final rating for Regular fries: 2/5 Spuds. Final rating for Sweet Potato fries: 2.5/5 Spuds Final rating for Cajun fries: 2.5/5 Spuds. Leading you to the neat frites and away from the crud spuds! 🍟🍟🍟 Full review at #TheFrequentFryer #FrenchFries #FrenchFriesReview #Vintage #IrvineSpectrum #ShoobyDooby #Ruby #CajunSpice #SweetPotatoFries #ClassicMovies #Diner


🎄 This tree is huge! Jonah insisted on taking a photo of me in front of the tree too


Insert @jguitche ❤️ #squad #marjUSA2018 |