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IUPUI Professional Student Panel 🍁 · I feel like I’ve been talking at a mile a minute for the past week because I’ve had so many opportunities to speak with pre-dental students about their passage to dental school! TALK TALK TALK, someone cut me off lol in all seriousness, I totally don’t mind because I LOVE talking about dental school and how others can make their dental dreams become a reality. It’s a right of passage. Everyone struggles finding answers to those pre-dent application questions. I know when I applied to dental school during my first cycle I was heading into the process completely blind. It would of been so nice to simply chat with someone who had “walked the walk” already years before me! I hope to be that person for many of you pre-dents 🖤🦷 Never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about dental school or how you can join me as a dental student! Let’s share our journeys!! · Any big pre-dent topics that you are dying to have answered? Put them in the comments below 👇🏼


Double win for both lip-sync teams, DZ Dukeout Champs, great job to @deltasig_iupui ! Thank you for having us @deltazeta_iupui ! 🥊🏆 #DZDukeout #TakeHomeTheBelt


We need your help to choose the winner of our Fall Photo Contest! 🍁We've narrowed it down to our Top 4 student submissions. Scroll through the gallery and vote for your favorite by posting the corresponding number in the comments below. Voting closes Thursday at 6 p.m. 📷1️⃣ Joshua Lanzenby 📷2️⃣ @koriiwright 📷3️⃣ @iskilgore 📷4️⃣ @austin_ballardd . #iupui #instaiupui #MyIUPUI #fall #leaves #photocontest


Trying REALLY hard to finish out the semester, but we are this close to dropping out


same face, just a new instagram


Great performance from the men of Pi Kappa Phi! Did they get your Attention?


DZ Lip Sync tonight with the boys, and Thank you Hope for being our coach!




Hooray for 9 hour car rides and wonderful teammates :))) #a3athletes


Shooting girls college basketball


So happy to finally decorate my iPad with some cute stickers!! ☺️☺️ #ΣΚ #RedBubble