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Happy 100 years Cathedral. 💯🎈It was great to be a part of such a great celebration and learning about their traditions. I couldn’t have asked for a better date!


♥️ 📸: @thesestills_ofmine


SWIPE RIGHT: This is @kawaiibarbie25 1998 & 2018 See you in 20 years Barbie! Meeting some great people at @horrorhoundweekend in Indianapolis this weekend! DDP 💎 #timeflies #bang


May-hem is over, great to end it with a night out with my gorgeous girl 🔥🔥 Really proud of the whole #PNC bank team. Great salvage on strategy just didn’t have enough fuel. Congrats to Liz and @12willpower 🍾 #indycarbanquet2018


Such a fun night celebrating 100 years of @gocathedralhs - So proud to be a part of an amazing legacy! & I’m so impressed with the students... I can’t wait to see where they go!! 🌏💫 Thanks @sleetzy for being my bestie for the last 20 years. So good to see everyone!! 🍀 #cathedral100


Horrorhound in Indy DAY 2. Let’s do this! #horrorhound #itthemovie #benhanscom #jeremyraytaylor #lovemyfans


Secured The Bag(s)


Pred svadbou ešte troška relaxiku 😂 v USA som pribrala 2kg a jedine čo ma zachraňuje pred tučnotou je 20km chôdza každy deň 😂😂 ale uprimne neľutujem lebo toto čo tu žeriem na Slovensku nenajdem 😂 ochutnavam faaakt všetko aaaaa dr pepper pijem miesto čistej vody ✌🏽😂 čize koniec koncov dobre ze prichadza jesen zabalim sa do vetrovky a mam pokoj 😂😂😂😂


Always laughing at something lol