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Puppies of Myanmar never fail to make me smile.


Met deze mensen door Myanmar cruisen! #spoorniet


My loves from Myanmar ❤️ Just a heads up I got a series of late posts from Myanmar...




Today we went to a conservation area for wild Asian elephants. Before anyone gets offended, these elephants are WILD. They only come to the conservation area when they are hungry or need medical attention. This conservation program aims to rescue elephants that were once used for logging and release them into the wild. However, most of the elephants that are under conservation watch are orphans. I was able to feed and bath these gentle giants. At first I’ll admit it was very intimidating having them free roaming and feeding unpredictable 4 tonne animals but they were so peaceful. The one I’m bathing is the oldest, the poor baby needs special attention because she has a sore trunk. 🐘❤️🐘❤️🐘❤️


3-dages trek i skønne Myanmar 👌🏻🌅🚶🏽‍♀️


Ik word zó happy van gember! Vandaag hebben we verschillende boeren bezocht en gekeken bij het ploegen, zaaien, verzorgen en oogsten van hun gewassen. Gember rechtstreeks uit de grond is zó geweldig lekker. Alleen al de unieke frisse en scherpe geur doet me glimlachen! De mensen op het land zijn zo lief en leuk! Vanavond zet ik van de gekregen gember lekkere thee met een beetje citroensap en honing. Thuis gebruik ik het ook vaak voor curry’s en wokgroenten. Wat doe jij graag met gember?


The rolling hills of rural Myanmar as the sun rises.


Burma, spice, and everything nice ~ the merry + bright Aziz twinz got what they wanted for Christmas and so much more this year ❤️💚 #burma #xmas



Dried gorgon for a frankly loopy 1,500Ks in Kalaw market. Delicious and perfectly safe! #medusa #crispy #whatthefuckisit #travelston




. . . . D+91 moved to Kalaw for trekking. OMG, i found my destiny noodle in Kalaw finally. it's getting worse, i think it is due to that my travel is almost done. . . . . #Myanmar #bagan #kalaw #JJexpress #eversmiletrekking #goldenkalawinn #buddhacave #shweoomin #thousandsofbuddhastatue #pyaepyae #shannoodle #mydestiny #tripofchris