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Where in the world are our Mahalo Mugs? We want to see where you’ve taken your favorite souvenir from the islands! Share your best photos using #MahaloMugMoments to enter our contest—first prize wins 10,000 Marriott Reward points!


22Jun18 Kauai Vacation 🏝🌺


This time yesterday. Take me back. ☀️🍹🌺😎🌊


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE WOMAN ON THE PLANET! I love you, you crazy beautiful woman!!!!!!!


This lame weather makes me want to fly back to this piece of paradise.


Heading to the endodontist for some root canal work, then off for some Kauai sightseeing. #bullterrier #bordercollie


With so many awesome beaches on #kauai this one rarely makes anyones list but its one of my personal favorites. #kauailove #kalapakibeach #dirtpond



We decided to chill by the pool and beach today in the shade. Need to watch the sun situation when you get older😎 We’re rockin’ 55 SPF and staying out of the direct sun...still getting some sun but being smart about it😍 #kauaimarriott #poolside #kauaihawaii #kauai #pooltime #vacationweather #chilltime #myofficetoday #myoffice #vacationmode #entrepreneurlife #crochetbikini #hawaiianlife #vacationlife #travelers #traveling #travelhawaii #lovemylife #aloha #vacation2018 #pooltime #vacation #dailyinspiration #liveeverydaytothefullest


Day 197: It was a quick shorter run day today because Bram & I worked on our backs in the Fitness Center too &, we had to do some laundry in between 😆 Gotta time everything “just right!”😎 I’m hoping to get out much earlier tomorrow AM on our full last day-it gets so warm after 7pm😜 Good thing I wore my @darkhorseprinting hat on my run this AM especially since I can’t wear sunglasses when I run 😎 #day197 #runnersofinstagram #morningmotivation #womenrunning #workoutroutine #workoutdaily #dailyworkout #running #womenwhorun #runningmama #backworkout #fitnessjourney #fitnesscenter #runoutside #vacationrun #vacationlife #laundryday #darkhorseink #hats #truckerhat #blackhat #jayz #hawaiianstyle #hawaiirunning #kauaihawaii


🌊 The Kauaʻi Lifeguard Association 5Th Wave Celebration, is Friday, July 27th🎉🎉! Get your tickets for an evening that supports, salutes and celebrates our Kauaʻi Lifeguard's & their service. 🎉🌊 Plus, there will be Live Entertainment featuring Paula Fuga (@pfunklove), Jonathan Rivera Trio (@johnnyjamsesh) and Makana & friends (@makanamusic), an delicious Buffet Dinner, Prize drawings, Silent auction, Quickie bingo and much MORE. 🎉🌊 Your support of the @kauailifeguardassociation, saves lives and is, beyond words, greatly appreciated. 🙏🏽🌊 Get your tickets & support today at kauailifeguards.org #kongalldaylong #KLA #KauaiLifeguardAssociation #5thWaveCelebration #SafetyFirst #SupportOurLifeguards ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #Repost @kauailifeguardassociation ・・・ 5th Wave Celebration fundraiser supports our LIFEGUARDS!!! Mahalo for all who sponsored our 5th Wave. Without you, KLA wouldn't be able to give our lifeguards the equipment they need to help save lives! Ocean Minded Campaigns provide the community and our keiki safety training/education information. www.kauailifeguards.org #forourlifeguards #forourcommunity #whywedowhatwedo


Happy Birthday Taylor! Hope you enjoyed your shave ice! 🍧🎉🎈


Know Your Infinite Worth✨🌍 . I learned from reading @chelseakauai post that the chances of You being born is one in 400 trillion. 🙏🏽 Ponder on that! . Chelsea says, “I just sat here an let that sink in and the more I thought about it the more unimaginably cool it all seemed! To stand in the places you have been, to have seen that blooming flower, that perfect sunrise, bumped shoulders with a perfect stranger turned best friend. To right here. Right now. Caught in the rain or basking in the sunshine. Know what you know and seeing what you’ve seen and loving who you love. The infinitesimal odds of it all leave me in awe. So what ever is bothering you today, whatever seems to big or too small just think...we are all unlikely occurrences, looking at equally unlikely miracles on a previous spinning round ball in an unfathomably large universe leading mathematically improbable existences..” Well said Chelsea! Thank you for sharing.✨ . So proud of this brave young woman @brookepalau who took on the runway for the first time to represent curvy women. She’s beautiful inside and out, spiritual, and a mother of a handsome baby boy. She is now putting herself through school to become an esthetician with the goal in mind to become a business owner. Keep chasing your dreams Brooke, you are deserving! . Kimono: Fern Grotto paired with vintage clutch from our “I Am” collection. . 📸 @kitfurderer 🎟 @kauaifashionweekend