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Given we have literally thousand upon thousands of photos to trawl through for the best shots from the 2018 Asia-Pacific Fistball Championships, it may be some time before we’re ready to publish a streamlined selection... but for now, here’s two very small galleries that capture some of the action... this being Part 2 of 2. Fist on!


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the look you have when you realise you’re about to make it 7in7 #hoe #richwhat #soserious


i hate it when all the roads r blocked off for the event so there’s literally no where to park 😬😫 - - anyway, really happy with my race today as i got a pb, and also happy that i managed to get 5th. it was a little icy out on the coarse that i even considered running with gloves (which I barely ever do) . i gotta say the 2 people in front of me really pushed me, so a big thanks to them!


King Kenny👑🙄


Loved getting out this morning and racing the Vic Duathlon in perfect race conditions. Got to smash the WIZZ AR 1.0 around the course, such an amazing ride. Unfortunately just nothing in my legs today to get the 2 runs done. #justbuildingamachine #wizzbikes #duathlon #triathon @titanperformancegroup @wizzbikes @wearlarga


PLAYER UPDATE: TFP player Nino Lacagnina signs for Richmond SC in Australia ⚽️✈️📝🇦🇺 #NewMarkets #WhoNext


Couldn't get my helmet off in transition today because my hands were so cold at the first race of the Victoria Duathlon Series!! Kudos to everyone who even turned up to race in the wet and miserable conditions this morning! 🏃🏼🚴🏼🏃🏼❄️☁️💦🏆 #teentri #triathlon #duathlon #trilife


XCR Burnley Half // A really surprising morning! From almost not making it back from Sydney for the race to clocking a 4 minute PB, I'm stoked! I treated it as a training run at first and kept it consistent. Felt fresh at 10km and decided to see how the next half would unfold. 5km splits were 19:47, 19:46, 19:39, 19:39 and the final 1.1km at 4:10. Thanks for pushing me on @georgy_92 and congratulations on your PB 🏃🏻‍♂️ #takechargeMELB #melbourneinstarunners #australianinstarunners #outsideisfree


Felix has a striking resemblance to Rick James⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ Felix the standard poodle on his group walk!



The summer look at 14 degrees☁️🌨 #melbournesummersucks


The Aussie Possums have their first ever winning match since competing in International tournaments! Great game by the International All Stars ⭐️ #gopossums #fistballaustralia #aussiefistballgirls #winning #soproud #fistball #australiansport


The Possums put up an awesome fight yesterday a little battle weary in the change rooms but today we are pumped #smashingit #fistballaustralia #gopossums #aussiefistballgirls #wecandothis




The Possums are currently undergoing their final training before fist off tomorrow. Make sure you come and watch them tomorrow under lights at the 2018 Asia-Pacific Fistball Championships! Full details at


Learnt how to climb a tree yesterday! #goinghighgilbert Thanks @benny_blocksberg for being a patient and sick teacher and not letting me fall! #treeclimbing #adventures #iclimbedthat #giantgumtree