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9 ribs. “No you have it because I know you love them “ 4 for @caitmcguigan 5 for me. A sign of true friendship ❤️ . . . . . . #f52grams #foodiesofinstagram #feedfeed #toplondonrestaurants #foodie #ribs #foodporn #bloombergarcade #eeeeeats #igfood #foodshare #forkyeah #toplondoneats #instafood #kymsrestaurant #food52 #alwayseating #unlimitedlondon


Sizzling 🐷 and 🦐 “bao bao”, atop bubbling fried eggs laced with chilli and spring onion @kymsrestaurant | 🎥 @aungiereats | Tag your best London food videos #eaterlondon and we’ll share our favourites


A wonderful evening at Kym’s last night for an exclusive dinner with @seedlipdrinks to celebrate #dryjanuary


A lot of the food at @kymsrestaurant is fun and slick. It can also be a bit silly and unnecessary, but there's nothing unnecessary about these sweet and sour pork ribs. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to read our full review of this City spot. Hit the link in bio. #EEEEEATS #InfatuationLondon


Had the absolute pleasure of spending Wednesday at @kymsrestaurant for an evening hosted by @awongsw1 and @seedlip_ben, Founder of @seedlipdrinks. As well as amazing food (swipe right) Kym’s has some exclusive Seedlip AF cocktails on the menu, including the ‘Nogroni’ -get it? PLUS, LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS. 💖🌸 #sobergirlsociety #sobergirls #sobergirl #soberbabes #soberladies #soberwomen #soberisfun #sobernotboring #seedlip #kyms #london #londonfood #londonrestaurants #restaurantsinlondon


Properly lovely lunch with my two besties #friends #cocktails #emptyplates


Crispy duck pancakes, spring onion, cucumber, pickled plums, plum sauce. @kymsrestaurant


Congratulations to Andrew to the successful opening of his new restaurant @kymsrestaurant at Bloomberg Arcade. Normally, in the first week there are some teething problems but operations was smooth as silk. My only minor complaint was not having any vegetarian main courses. Pictured is the hearty pork & shrimp 'bao bao' , fired egg, pat chun, crispy chilli. This is the first time I've ever tried this dish and I am sure it won't be my last. It was under the sharing section and no I didn't share it 😳😳😳


Finally made it to @kymsrestaurant for vodka martinis and chopstick war over the pork and shrimp bao bao of a thousand hashtags. Loved it all (but lunch at @awongsw1 still edges it for me)🌸


Last night’s @seedlipdrinks x @kymsrestaurant supperclub in conversation with @awongsw1 & @seedlip_ben 🥡🍹 this is the ‘No-Groni’ 🍊


Tonight #AndrewWong & #BenBranson teamed up to show us how the delicious food @kymsrestaurant and amazing drinks by @seedlipdrinks can be paired together in an amazing way. Thank you @sober_and_social for hosting another great night out.


Another added to the ‘must return to’ list...I’m on a roll! Dinner @kymsrestaurant started with Tiger Prawn Skewers with Sweet Chilli and Pineapple, Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs, French Bean fritters, Aubergine Fritters with Soy Caramel, Peanut, Sesame and Chilli, Uyghur Fries and Crispy Duck where you can paint patterns on your pancakes with the plum sauce! We loaded up on these delights and then couldn’t resist the Iberico Pork Char Sui 😍 Next time it has to be the Sunday Roast with bottomless Spiced Plum Bellinis!


The best thing on a cold winters day @kymsrestaurant Pork & Shrimp ‘Bao Bao’ with Fried Egg, Pat Chun and Crispy chilli ❤️❤️❤️


Tiger Prawn skewers with sweet chilli sauce @kymsrestaurant 🍤❤️ Delicious juicy prawns, crunchy coating and flavoursome sauce. Priced at £7.00 for 2- worth every penny. 💯


comfort food


@kymsrestaurant Chinatown pineapple custard bun! Delicious doughy pillow filled with pineapple and custard. It's bound to have you wanting seconds Amazing restaurant, beautiful decor and friendly staff 🍍❤️💁🏻‍♀️


Kym’s pineapple custard bun delish... mmm mmm 🤤 meal was great. Prawn wonton soup, chilli aubergine, buddha hotpot 👌🏻 thanks guys @kymsrestaurant . . . . #foodporn #foodphotography #foodie #foodblogger #londonfood #londonfoodie #chinesefood #fatty #hkfattyjourney #food


ARNOLD. @awongsw1’s new restaurant in Bloomberg Arcade? Yes, please! The first thing you notice when you enter @kymsrestaurant is the life-size cherry blossom tree behind the bar (scroll to the end to see it!) – talk about a centrepiece! 🌸🌸🌸 • We had: 1. Pickled daikon, crispy chilli oil, soy (daikon was fresh and thinly-sliced and the chilli oil was a star! 🌟) 2. French beans, chilli, spring onion, black pepper (these fritters had a lovely thin and crispy batter, but alas was poorly-seasoned and did not taste of much 😞) 3. Pork skewers, oyster sauce, coconut, peanuts (absolutely delicious! 🤤) 4. Pork and shrimp “bao bao”, fried egg, pat chun, crispy chilli (did not expect the dish to be enveloped by the egg and tasted rather average 😌) 5. Three Treasure: crispy pork belly, soy chicken, iberico pork char siu (THE CHAR SIU IS ONE OF THE BEST WE’VE HAD 😍😍😍 but the soy chicken was mediocre... order the char siu by itself if you ask us!) • There are some flaws for sure, but we’re sure to go back for the CHAR SIU! #Radishnow