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my boo


pajama type dayzzzyy


Hey ... it's cool you wanna bring some LA flavor to Indonesia, but blocking the people tagging @lacma in the comments doesn't really go with chill West coast vibes... Chris Burden’s “Urban Lights” installation is pretty iconic lol • #lacma #urbanlights #chrisburden #permanentcollection #10thanniversary #rabbittown #indonesia #art #installationart #losangeles #la #california #westcoast #modernart #sculpture #lighting #nightphotography #palmtrees #instagrammuseum #instagood #instacool #dietprada


“The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.” 💥 👊🏼 —————- #WomenEmpowerment #StyleWrightTravels —————- Love this Look? Get the product details for this look and others by following me on the app #liketkit


There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights. -Dracula


Looking back one month ago and comparing how I felt then to now is like comparing night and day. If you feel like you aren’t living life to your full potential start subtracting. When you do this you start noticing things you were too busy to recognize at the time. When you let go of the things you think you so badly need, the things that are meant for you start to appear ✨




For so much of my life I’ve allowed other people to be my root of happiness and comfort.. and the more I experience this life the more I’ve come to find out how wrong I’ve been in that thinking. YOU are the only person who can bring comfort and happiness into your life. YOU are the sole person who will be there for you and make shit happen. YOU are your own ride or die who knows whats best and will make yourself the happiest. With this difficult and painful realization I am letting some habits and people go, and look ahead to better things, people, and opportunities 💓✨


Just another happy soul





uma imagem aleatória porque tem muito eu nesse instagram


la adventures :) #hollistercollective