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About time he did some work 🙃.... We hoped he would fall into the drink 🙄 @coxcaleb29 #keepitsteady #rocksolid #outheregrinding #naturallyhedidittwice


Balance game 💯 | great clip thanks to @coxcaleb29 & the @kiwi_eight #rowing #rowingrelated #repost


Raw girl power + healthy gut = fast boat 💁🏼‍♀️ Looking forward to another winter of work with these ladies! @goodbuzznz


Đến đây được ngày trời đẹp. Sáng đi Cambridge Farmer Market, gặp mấy người nông dân dễ thương, ăn thử một loại bơ trộn với ớt và chanh ngon muốn ngất. Giờ đi qua hồ có cái đập thủy điện rất toooo...


You know that drill that's a bit tricky? Well I'm trying to make it harder, we'll see where it goes. Shoutout to @brooklynxxoo for the duck face #brotalk #6/10 #cansurfthough


Smashed out our first training block in the @blackeight_nz 👊 . . Can’t wait to keep sending it with these babes all winter ❄️⚡️ Cheers 📸 for the epic snap #yassqueen #sendit #rowingrelated #getmorekit #teamjlracing2018


When your blade work is on point 🙃 @kiwi_eight


Back in NZ with the Cambridge Family!