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Rainbow pollution


Could you imagine having this view in your backyard?


Watching the book of Eli with me 🐺💜😂


this is what makes us girls 🕊 hbd to the queen of the fairies herself—the titania to my ophelia—@rhilizabeth!!! there are too many things i could write here, so for the sake of solidarity i’ll just say that i’m infinitely & inexpressibly grateful that our souls crossed paths. this friendship is a truly beautiful thing :’) shakespearean ladiez 4ever (photo credit to juliet @gilly.cozz630)


Tore up Lake Placid today and really hit the olive oil and balsamic samples HARD @da_bald_gorilla @mandyhp92 #springishere #summeriscoming #mirrorlake #sunburncity


“Listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul.”


Hayden and @rob_fin33 running a new leech field . Contact rj plumbing and heating, to help with any project you have! 518 265 9655


An impossible view to leave #adk #thefinalcountdown




Recovery has become a pillar in my fitness foundation, one that not all that long ago was in complete disrepair. Started writing this as a caption, realized it warranted a blog post. Happy Wednesday friends, link in bio. xo 🎶 green by @ben_rector


Lake Placid, you never cease to amaze us. #lovewhereyoulive #LPMarathon


Two months ago, I turned 30. Celebrated with a Mexican dinner with huge margaritas with my family on my actual bday, then traveled to Lake Placid with Ashton for the weekend and we had a lovely time ice skating, hot tubing, eating a romantic dinner, chasing waterfalls, shopping, eating more, drinking wine in hotel beds, and watching dogs play in the snow. It was wonderful. (And a bit cold) ❄️🥰 #HighFallsGorge #LakePlacid #LakePlacidBound #TheBreakfastClubEtc #ElCharro #LakePlacidBrewery


But who’s got a nicer boat then @adk_aquatics for all the fun??! #boats #summer #bikini #drinks #perfectdayadk #lakeplacid


New profile pic so you guys know what I look like when I’m not in camouflage! 😂 #SurpriseIAmAGirl . Also new IGTV about to drop from our girls trip! 🎉🍻


Awaiting your arrival 🌲. — 📷: @genteelflair


Congratulations to our Level 9 Juniors that competed at #EliteQualifier this past weekend! We are so proud of you girls! Keep working hard 💪🏼🌻 Cami AA 🥇, made Level 10 and qualified to compete at Elite Championships in Iowa in July. What an incredible accomplishment for our little tiger! Mia left her ❤️ on the carpet during ribbon routine and won 🥈!! Jodie won 12th place in clubs in a very difficult age group! Getting stronger every day - keep working honey! #empirerhythmicgymnastics #rhythmicgymnastics


A beautiful misty sunset in the Adirondack Mountains. #adirondacks #adirondackmountains #sunset #mountains #mist #lakeplacid #adk #clouds


Missing the boys❤️


Young me😷😩😨🖐