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Moody🌲🌿 Any of you going somewhere cool this weekend?Or Olympics and chill? 📍Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA 🇺🇸 📷Sony A6500,Rokinon 12mm, Hoya UV filter, Slik lite AL-420M tripod, Benro IB0 Ball Head . . . #lassenvolcanicnationalpark #adventure #mountains #landscapephotography #beautifuldestinations #view #wanderlust #wildflowers #depthsofearth #nationalpark #discoverearth #california #explore #modernoutdoors #hike #roadtrip #bucketlist #wildernessculture #neverstopexploring #nationalparkgeek #campeveryday #earthoutdoors10k #instagood10k #optoutside #landscapescapture #beyondthesummit #aov #ourplanetdaily #getoutside #moodygrams


Action needed today if you like to slide on snow in our National Forests? Today is the last day to comment on Winter Wilderness travel. (Skiing and Snowboarding). Winter travel is being re-evaluated across the country. Your comments matter! Lassen National Forest is the first forest in the country to write a comprehensive winter travel plan under the 2015 Over-Snow Vehicle (OSV) Rule, so what happens here is very likely to impact winter travel planning across the country. Link in profile.


few more months & we outtie!!✌🏻🦋🍭🎊


We found SNOW (really icy, hard packed snow)... but we found snow! Look out @the.wild.women ... this next weekend is going to be epic! *One spot opened if anyone wants a spontaneous, adventurous, ridiculously fun weekend with a bunch of rad women! (Link in Bio) #theWILDwomen #WILDLassen 📷>> @marcus_brown_


Maria não foi excepcionalmente ungida para habitar na presença de Deus. Ela simplesmente ESCOLHEU o lugar da habitação. É preciso tempo e intencionalidade para descansar e permanecer. Sempre me perguntei: “Mas então quem vai cuidar de tudo, resolver as coisas, fazer todo o trabalho?”. Ele respondeu: “Ué, você mesma! E ainda vai produzir muito mais frutos, porque vai aprender a “fazer” do jeito certo!”. Na maioria das vezes (não estou dizendo que é sempre), nos desgastamos e nos cansamos rápido demais não porque estamos trabalhando duro, mas porque estamos fazendo as coisas do jeito errado. E qual é o jeito certo? 👇🏻 . . “Sim, eu sou a videira; vocês são os ramos. Quem PERMANECE em mim, e eu nele, produz muito fruto. POIS, SEM MIM, VOCÊS NÃO PODEM FAZER COISA ALGUMA.” João 15:5 (NVT)


The excitement and anticipation for this weekend's #theWILDwomen Lassen experience has me flipped upside down! Ladies....Are you ready?!


Going back through some old photos on the plane and found this little guy. Holding a trendy blanket standing on an nice little rock and looking off into the sunset as millennials do you know 🤷🏼‍♂️ . Photo by my beast of a photographer brother Jonny boi


He took a picture with me 🚧


The seasons changed and now I’m here!! I'm so excited to live this new time with you, the best company I could have. You're the most incredible guy I've ever met and I know that Jesus has directed us here, so I completely trust what He has given us. I’m so happy to start building something with you, my best friend! I love you with all of my heart and I’m committed to you.



And it begins


Already planning and looking forward to sunny romps with my sisters-in-laws. Hoping this is the year we won’t get a camp-host telling us we talk too loud and too long into the night 😂 but it just wouldn’t be a Beatty campout without the ruckus.


Happy Friday everyone!! Sending you all love and joyful energy on this beautiful day! 🌲☀️💙


Just another boiling mud in winter.



My family and I had a lovely day at Lassen National Volcanic Park yesterday with their Inspire Homeschool Charter group. We were originally going to be snowshoeing but the lack of fresh snow made it more like and ice walk, heh. The Bob Stroller has proven yet again how capable it is as an off road vehicle and aside from a little bit of fussing about not getting to run around next to the cliff edge and boiling mud pools Ezja did great. 😊 We learned about avalanche safety and rescue, animal migration and winter adaptation, and that Ishi himself summered in this very spot. I sure am grateful for our #nationalparks and the kind and competent rangers who run them. ❤️🌲 #lassennationalvolcanicpark #sulphurworks


My little slice of a California sunrise. Stealing my heart one goofy moment at a time. Although I can’t be there to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you in person. Luckily for me everyday feels like Valentine’s Day. 💕See you soon 💕




Loving someone else is cool, loving yourself is cool too. Loving plants is one of my favorite loves though. Erythranthe lewisii at Mt. Lassen. #springiscoming18 #valentinesday


Flight to drop off FBI in Susanville today. Hit Lassen Peak on the way back.


Ride or die pahtnahs for life


I love you 💕😘 #happy valentinesday


forever valentine♥️