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OMG. This dweeb just interviewed THE @roxanegay74 in stage in front of almost 2,000 people. My mum, my love and best friends were just a handful of the people in attendance. Roxane Gay is a force - honest and deliberate in the stories she tells. What an absolute honour tonight was! This year has been a lot. Jetting off to Jamaica tomorrow morning... And looking forward to some much needed rest. All I can say is THANK YOU to the universe. How fortunate am I ?!!! Pic by @theresa_lola


Royal Megs coming through with the dark nails. I love 😍 👑 . . . In this lifetime you gotta be yourself and do whatever makes you happy . . . . . . #mindset #keepgoing #strut #meghanmarkle #britishfashionawards #gem #unique #royal #preggers #akhealthy #positivevibes #beyourself


The utterly brilliant @roxanegay74 on ice cubes, writing as life-saving, having someone in your corner, what true intersectionality looks like, the art of the Twitter clap back and so much more. Listening to her was a gift to myself #birthdaymonth


هرباركسي از بچه هاي كارنامه گذارش به لندن مي افتد. مي گويد مادرجان يكي از هزاران فرزندتان اينجاست وتا آنجاكه برايش مقدور باشد ازلحاظ علمي ونوشتن حمايت مي كند. امروز مراسم اعطاي دكتراي دانشگاه است. واو عضو هيئت علمي همان دانشگاهي ست كه امروز ازآن جامدرك دكترايش را دريافت مي كند.براي او وهزاران هزار فرزند سرزمينم آرزوي آينده اي خوش دارم.


It’s graduation day!! 🎓🎉 #cssdgraduation


off to celebrate my very clever friends graduation x




Drama school done😁


Just in case you don’t know, I wrote my entire 20,000 word thesis about accepting (and even cherishing) “feelings and emotions”, which ordinarily would have made me scream LOSER several times and spend a few minutes fake-vomiting fiercely into an imaginary bucket. But. Given I spent a good amount of money on this bloody degree and a hell of a lot of time and tears, I think it only right, and in honour of ‘graduating’ that I follow my own advice. There are, then, a certain few people who have kept me sane and happy in ways I can’t even begin to explain, so: Thank you to the many friends whom I have long considered family - even if you have buggered off to crazy corners of the globe (or are about to). Sunday tea-and-skypes; late night lengthy calls from Vancouver to Paris; endless bottles of the indomitable house white at Carluccios; movie nights and cat socks; and spontaneous cycling trips around France are the things I am feeling and emoting very strongly about right now. Most of all - unsurprisingly - thank you for/to my mum and dad. If I haven’t forced you to meet them yet, they’re pretty great. They go on political marches, theyve been known to yell at Theresa May (when she’s on the TV), they write enormous and well-researched historical fiction, they are expert bread bakers, they frequently wear pro-EU clothing, they have mad crossword skills and play expert snooker and sudoku, they have seemingly unlimited patience (and I’m sure I’ve tested it), and this is only the smallest snapshot of them. If I’ve achieved anything today it’s thanks to them. Really. They should have had the cap and gown. I’m going to go sleep/drink a big glass of wine now. Xxx


Yalla was an Uzbek band that popularized Central Asia across the Soviet Union #yalla #uzbekistan #boyband #soviet


Call me Master, babe! Master in dedication, persistence, resilience and hard work. 👩‍🎓 👩‍🎓👩‍🎓 Celebrating the end of a 7 years journey as a Latin migrant in the UK and the beginning of whatever is to come. Thank you thank you!


That look when you know you’ve accomplished the mission #jobwelldone 🏆🏆


Two Monday's in a row, two evenings of insight & enlightenment! Last night had a tremendous time at the @southbankcentre listening to Roxane Gay @rgay conversate with Liv Little @livlittle It was an open, frank, unapologetic and funny conversation, that truly moved the room! Full thoughts will be in this Wednesday's #EFTV 🎤 In the meantime though, just hit the link in my bio and you'll get this weeks episode and the 26 before that 😎 And people, rate, comment and subscribe via #ApplePodcasts #GooglePodcasts #Spotify or whatever you use 🎧 #newpodcast #newpodcastepisode #echoesfromthevoid #podcast #EFTV #podcasting #RoxaneGay #roxanegay #hunger #southbankcentre #badfeminist #difficultwomen #ayiti #AnUntamedState #memoir #literature #writer #southbank #roxanegayinconversation #reading #royalfestivalhall #feminist #feminism #womeninliterature #lgbtwriters


A bunch of beauties. #Graduation #RCSSD


What a beautiful evening meeting, speaking and listening to Roxane Gay with the Octavia fam. I also gave her a copy of Small Inheritances which I hope she will read even if she doesn’t like it. How beautiful is @theresa_lola tho?! Also @livslittle did a really good job on the questions! 🎉


Officially a Master of Applied Theatre!🎓 #rcssd #masters #graduation


Famalamadingdong. #Graduation #RCSSD #London