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Training done✔️ Tomorrow...........qualifications💪🏻🐝🐼 #competition #worldchampionship #fisaf17 #fisafwcleiden2017 #orta_artisticfactory #maledancer #fitboy #love


[Odys] I lick you a good day furriends! Happy TOT 👅😸 #tongueouttuesday




make you feel good




Belgium is ready 💪🏼🇧🇪 #fisafwcleiden2017


#Leiden wat ben je mooi - Zoeterwoudse singel #herendoeza dank @everdienfoodcoaching 💐


▪️Starting a business - investing in the right things (Part 1)▪️ When you are starting your (first) business, you will probably be on quite a tight budget. Starting a business will always cost some money, but how can you make sure you have enough time to build on your company without running into financial problems? In other words, what should or shouldn’t you invest in. - Your main concern at the start is to keep your overhead as low as possible. With overhead we mean the monthly reoccurring cost such as rent, employees, etc. The good thing about keeping your overhead as low as possible is that it will allow you to just launch your company and if it doesn’t take off right away, you will have the opportunity to get some feedback, adapt and relaunch. - Now certain businesses may need an office, others won’t, but if even remotely possible I would advice to start working from home or find a very cheap office. Most cities have special locations for startups where the rent is rediculously low, so spend some time to investigate whether that is an option in your city. - At the same time, a lot of people will actually be too scared to invest at all and not spend the money they should. For example: even if you work from home, make sure you have a good set up: so a good computer, good software to make your work more efficient, maybe even good coffee and get some more lights for winter time, etc. This will increase your productivity and keep you going even when business isn’t flourishing the whole time. - - - - #invest #overhead #office #cost #business #startup #leiden #businessadvice #advice #entrepreneur


Cotton candy the size of... well half of me basically! 🦄 🍭🍿



Pre lims done with my girls ✅ #packers #greenbaypackers #first 💛💚⭐️


Quintal de casa 🦆🍂💛


「 LEIDEN 」 #greenteathemission #greenteathemissioninNetherlands


Beliebers 5th in the world in cadet grande aerobic 🔥 we are so so proud and they performed amazing all competition 👊🏽🌍💚


Lieve vrienden en fans, omdat we nog zoveel vragen om tickets krijgen zitten we vanavond nog 1 keer bij elkaar om te kijken of we met wat (kleine) wijzigingen toch nog wat VIP tickets kunnen vrijgeven voor Hollands Live (6) - Uitverkocht. Hou onze pagina in de gaten, morgen of overmorgen meer nieuws hierover. #leiden #leiderdorp #livemusic #feestje #wolterkroes #wesleyklein #tinomartin #topartiesten #rijnsburg #gezelligeavond #livemuziek


toen met lange haren in de wind