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Couldn’t resist #trumpet #mahler3


Last summer, I stumbled upon a short cinematic film on YouTube. Watching one film led to another, and I found myself falling in love with the craft, spending hours studying photography and cinematography tutorials. In the fall of this year, I made a promise to myself that I'd take a picture of a new person every week, and I decided to document this exciting photographic journey on this Instagram account. I'll be posting new and exciting content every single week, and I hope you'll follow along! (p.s. if you are interested in having photos taken for anything let me know)


This is @naimakphillips and collaborators on the  #highzproject checking in from our residency @princeton_university. An immersive exhibition project supported by @pwmontreal. #art #science


Come out to Fashion Speaks tonight at 7 or 9!! It’s FREE for students and it’s gonna be a blast 😜 Clothes: @nearlynewprinceton Hair: @godfreyfitzgeraldsalons Makeup: Salon Nuvo


PSA: the Lewis Center is a great place to take soph formals pictures (soph formals were like 2 weeks ago lol sorry im late) pc: Mona


Making my own way, one late night at a time. Btw, I made a new photography account so if you want to follow that as well. @k.m.d.s.photography


Realizing, about 2.573 days into 2018, that this was probably not gonna be my year lmao


#PrincetonU is celebrating the opening of the Lewis Arts complex with A Festival of the Arts. Follow along by watching today's Instagram Story and tagging #PrincetonArts.


Yeah!!! Living for reversal of male gaze and getting confused comments from Deana about mostly photographing men! And now a PRO at clinging to vehicles! Oh yeah I'm done with classes forever at Princeton



Morning inspirations #writing #creativity #highzproject


Who knew? The perforated white metal sides of the “dancing staircase” in the Wallace Dance Building and Theater are inspired by labanotation, a system used by choreographers and others to record human movement! . Want to discover Princeton University's modern campus? Check out walk 4 in our book!


Yesterday @ #ThriveArts18 〰️ @cschroeder514 of @tworivertheater (👋) introduces @katryngeane of @rtc_nyc for Breaking Through Digital 🥊 where we learned how to make some noise 🙌 @jerseyarts


Princeton has one of the most beautiful music buildings!!!!!!! My phone died after I took this picture but the inside was even better! All of the practice rooms and teaching studios had clean grand Pianos with ID scanners to get inside. Not to mention that this is only one of the buildings. #princeton #thrive #thriveartsconference2018 #musician #musicians #lewisartscomplex #ivy #ivyleague #new #newmusicbuilding #musicbuilding #conference #shawngarronemusic #lewisarts #princetonmusic #musicprogram #music #architecture #design #glass #clouds #reflection #beautiful



Thank you to the extraordinary young singers of the @papermillplayhouse Broadway Show Choir for enlivening our morning with song! #thrivearts18