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I’d like to thank and welcome Greg to the @lexusofedmonton family who is one of my centre of influences who’s primary focus is residential real estate. A referral is the highest compliment I can receive and Greg was referred to me by another recent guest of mine. I’d like to take a second to tell you all about our Certified Lexus Pre-Owned (LCPO) Vehicles. It is perfect for those looking to get into a luxury car at a humble price and backed with a guarantee of a previously loved Lexus vehicle. If you’re not ready for a brand new Lexus, or you are searching for that perfect pre-owned car, our LCPO vehicles are the next best choice. For those looking to trade in their old used car, or for first time buyers looking for a newer one without the brand new price tag, the LCPO vehicle program may be for you. LCPO provides piece of mind when purchasing a Pre-Owned vehicle, something that you do not get when you consider a used car. They all must have passed rigorous inspection and have been reconditioned to the very high Lexus standards. So why buy used when you can buy a Lexus Certified Pre-Owned? [email protected] for all inquires. Thank you if you read this far. #Lexus #LexusofEdmonton #RX350


Today is the end of an era for her and I.. We’ve had our highs, lows and sure as hell had some speed limit woes (303..). Everybody’s got a vice. Everybody’s got a soft spot for something. I bought this car as a personal achievement symbol back in ‘15. Loved every minute, mile and memory along the way. ✌️ #SheGone


And for all you singles including myself, I asked lexus to add a cat to each package 😂. #lexusofedmonton #theytookthecatawayafterthepicture😭


When you get to work after a long weekend and you have the same suit on.... #twins #lexusyeg #suits #lexus #suitsbycurtiseliot


New Car Day #nomorewalking #lexus


Hol' up, this is in pre-owned? #upgrade #lexus #lc500 #lexusofedmonton


Just kinda takes your breath away, doesn’t it? @lexusofedmonton #yeg #nofilter


🙈 ❤️ #newwhip #lexus


somebody pinch me, I can’t believe this black on red Lexus NX F Sport is really mine 😍 thanks to the beautiful @cierajade__ (if you need a new whip, go see her & the staff at Lexus of Edmonton) • • • #lexus #lexusnx


It’s hot days like today where a popsicle run may be a good idea ☀️🍦


This toy is mine & only mine 😴🐶


#tbt to our last @100womenwhocareyeg meeting #pawrade2 🐱💕 Love this picture with one of my favourite #partnersincrime 😘😂


Lounging while I wait for new humans to play with 🐶 • #dogsofinstagram #lab #labsofinstagram #lexus #sun #sunny #dog #cute #love #puppy


“I’ll keep this one clean☝🏻😅” #newride #lexusofedmonton #thankyoujag #bestplace #thethingstheyveseen #nx300fsport


A little Friday morning motivation from my man Matthew McConaughey 🙌🏼 . . . #alliteration #motivation #friyay #YYC #YEG #Lexus #lexusofedmonton #ExperienceAmazing #matthewmcconaughey


@herbylexus adventuring in style with @lexusofedmonton where will your adventures take you this weekend?? #yegdog 🐾🌿🏔


Back in the saddle at @lexusofedmonton with my partner, Jag, to rock-n-roll through days 2 and 3 of this @lexuscanada 3 Day National event! We’re buying Jag a taller chair if it goes well! 🙌😂