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No Monday blues because it’s our daddy’s birthday and that means birthday cake 🎂 ⁣ ⁣ Love this jacket, fits her like a glove. The camo-printed waterproof dog jacket is designed with an easily cleaned fabric that is also windproof, to make sure that your little ones are kept nice and warm when things get chilly. ⁣ ⁣ @trespass@my_trespaws#mytrespaws #trespaws #trespass


We have been testing out the Paws and Presto microfibre towels. I must say they are amazing and absolutely huge ❤️


Splashing about Loch Chon, couldn’t find where I was looking for but settled for here as the midges ate my face


The beautiful Loch Chon taken by @_dsutherland_ #hiddenscotland


Pic from last nights random last minute camping trip to Loch Chon with Jason and John #camping #scotland #lochchon #tent @john_bio_davis @jaypbmx


Loch choin reflections



Our campsite at Loch Chon and the night sky above captured beautifully by @__marko.__ [link in bio if you want to camp here]



Anyone fancy a dip in the loch?


Fabulous day at Loch Chon, tomorrow we sleep and rest all day 😴⁣ ⁣ Winter walks just got a massive upgrade. The Duke Trespaws dog coat may say 2-in-1 but it’s really an all-in-one: waterproof, windproof and a removable inner fleece to heat them up on chilly days while they run around outside. #mytrespaws #trespaws #trespass


#tbt to last year cooking mutton stew over fire by Loch Chon. Almost time to get back out for an autumn classic in the Dutch oven. Recipe in bio #overthefirecooking #dutchoven #wildcooking #mutton #autumn #fire #scotland #stew #comfortfood #throwbackthursday #trossachs


Fun weekend camping beside Loch Chon. What this picture doesn't show is me throwing my back out this morning and having to sit in the car with Charlie hopped up on Ibuprofen and Paracetemol listening to Classic FM, while Ash packed our entire campsite. Then when we had packed up the car and tried to start it the battery was flat due to listening to the radio. So we unpacked the boot, re-packed it and got a jump from our kind friends Jon and Naomi.


Wee overnight camping trip to Loch Chon. Picked the rainiest weekend for it! Good fun though. 😁


Instagram vs reality of camping in Scotland in September ⛺🌧️🌤️