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NHS Student Athletes Mia Larson, Maddie Larson and Aidan Tomlinson attended the @cifsjs 11th Annual Women In Sports Conference with Coach Van Winden, joining nearly 200 female student-athletes from across the SJS for education and fellowship! Our athletes attended a breakout session with @sacstate assistant track and field coach Kimberly Graham-Miller where she talked about being a collegiate athlete. Kimberly was a member of the U.S. Olympic team in 1996 where she won a gold medal in the 4x400m relay! Awesome day! #Athletics #Academics #Activities #WeAreNapaHigh #WhatItTakes 💙💛🏅


I know it’s mountain season but I’m starting to miss the sky’s.. 🌤


Pedicures with the main girl💕 #firstpedi #nails #girlswillbegirls


Did you know that Lodi produces more wine grapes than any other California Appellation? They thrive in the perfect blend of temperate climate and loamy soil, a heavenly match that earned the region the name Lodi Appellation in 1986, and Wine Region of the Year in 2015. #visitlodi #visitcalifornia


Two days filled with sad moments, happy moments and all between. From family I’ve never met to ones I haven’t seen in years. I thank God for all of you and most importantly I thank God that I was able to have time to say goodbye to the man that made it all possible for us, Grandpa. RIP Gramps love you and please watch over all of us as we make you proud! #Galvan


I didn’t stick it but I’ll count it! New PR of 63 inches #Bunnies #Inshape


Love the Top of one Dress and the Skirt of a different Dress? You can now mix & match with @quinceaneracollection Dresses, available in Different colors. Message us for pricing & and questions. ❤️


She walked to the edge, where she had gone many times before. But this time things were different, she didn’t see a cliff, she saw a bridge. So she decided to take a few steps forward. The bridge rocked from side to side. Fear flooded her body. She turned to retreat back and saw she over half way across. She sunk down onto her knees, terrified, her eyes shut tight, trying to justify which way she would return. But a gust of wind sent her forward onto her hands, and she began to crawl. With every inch she trekked, she felt the strength coming back into her legs, until she stood up and started to run. She ran. And ran. The fear was still there, but the courage was stronger. With no reason to look back. She didn’t just cross a bridge that day, she was changed, forever. - me. ❤️ I came on here to tell you that I went to yoga twice and worked out for once today, and this poem flooded out of me. I can see the synchronicities now. Today I had the courage to step into the gym, something I’ve been avoiding for quite some time (about a year). I didn’t want to go, nor was a motivated to. But I did it. And I’m so freaking proud of myself. I made that step. This is just a gentle reminder to have courage to step forward. Sometimes you don’t always see a path, and you might have to trust in yourself and that things will fall into place. You will climb mountains and valleys and still be afraid, but keep trekking my friend, and don’t look back. ❤️ 📸: @emmanuelyepizz


I love the night life!! ❤️ #thatsmydodge #challengerfam #lodiarch #challenger #oricallights


Fav pic


New beautiful natural brows!! 1st session done, perfection touch up session in 5 weeks 😍 Booking appointments for February. DM for appointment request and information. #microbladingeyebrows #microblading #flawlousbrows #pmu #eyebrows #brows #pmu #perfection #beauty #transformation #beautiful #flawlousbrows #beforeandafter #beauty #lodica #bestoflodi #downtownlodi #sacramento #stockton #209brows #Vacaville #elkgrove #jennboydinkapproved #followforfollow


When I walk into work I am so.... HAPPY💜 #lumierespa #lodi #massagetherapy #scheduleamassage #mindbodysoul #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo


New client meeting was a success and we can’t wait to get started in furnishing this gorgeous home in the middle of a vineyard


Honestly look at that squishy face!!! #hestolemyspot #labradoroftheday #blacklab_squad #labsofinstagram