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Told you, #bipawtisan always finds a way! Can’t wait to jump back into working hard with 👩🏻 for the rest of the district work week starting TOMORROW!


Back in business, keeping the lights on.


Cutting through regulations one piece at a time. Thanks @stevescalise for the cookie cake to celebrate the passage of my bill, the Expanding Investment Opportunities Act (HR 4279).


This evening I had the opportunity to write a message to U.S. Navy EOD Chief Kenton Stacy from Greenville, Ohio who was critically wounded by an IED while serving in Syria last year. His friend and teammate, LT Cameron Jones, will present him with this flag this weekend. Get well soon Chief Stacy. We are praying for you and your family.


Asking the House Chief Administrative Officer to withhold my pay during this shutdown. Congress shouldn’t get paid until our troops do.


Yes I'm in it for the perks.


Snowy walk to work this morning #capitolhill ❄️😍


I’m in my office this morning ready to work on a deal to end the #TrumpShutdown. There’s no reason why we can’t find a long-term budget deal to open the government as we #ProtectDREAMers and fund CHIP.


Here at Kirsten Sinema (Member of Congress) Arizona’s 9th District. CALL ☎️ 202.225.9888 Tell her to Vote NO on Spending Bill without a Clean Dream Act


This guy was great and not just because of his name. Make America Great Again!