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I am honored and ecstatic to announce that I have ended my time as an unpaid intern and instead began as a full-time employee as the new Staff Assistant for Congressman Rodney Davis here in DC! I am beyond blessed and grateful to all my friends and family and if you are ever on the Hill hit me up since I officially work there now 😋❤️🇱🇷


Another successful summer Congressional reception and annual business meeting! A big thanks to everyone who attended Tuesday’s event on the Hill. GSS is grateful for @jasonhlawrence’s leadership, as well as the work of the entire 2017-2018 board. We also thank @reptomgraves for his leadership and service over the past two years. Look forward to welcoming @dougcollinsga as our new Honorary Chair and @maggienewton2 as GSS President. And a special thanks to all of our sponsors who help make events possible. Stay tuned for future ones!


Today’s office: outside a House office building interviewing presidents of farm bureaus from three states.


When Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell writes a deeply dishonest op-ed about the Senate GOP tax plan, there’s only one appropriate response: The red pen. See all my edits at the link in the bio.


“Listen, as long as you know who you are and you behave that way, everything will be fine.” -John F. Kennedy Jr. #WashingtonDC #CapitolHill #America


It is always a pleasure to meet with #TN06 National Down Syndrome Society advocates - this big hug from sweet Sophia Horvath made my entire week!


The Longworth House Office Building has been an #AllStarAOC facility since 1933. Learn more at aoc.gov/house.


It’s a snow day for most of Washington, but the House remains in session. Congress needs to pass an appropriations bill by midnight on Friday or we’ll have another government shutdown.


Favorite things about my internship? Pretty much everything! . . . . To name some things... 1) Communicating with constituents through phone calls and letters 2) Attending briefings/hearings and writing memos for staffers 3) Assisting staffers with important projects (Sorry! Can't show y'all due to privacy!) Outside of the office, APAICS has afforded me the privilege to listening to the powerful stories of AAPI leaders. I am very lucky to have met amazing people/friends here in DC too! It's been quite the adventure for this small town Filipino American boy from the Midwest!


From us to you: Thank you. Thank you for making the event great, being amazing clients, and having wonderful friends. It was a full house last night with over 170 guests! Let’s hang out again soon! #Govtech #civictech #clientappreciation #bestclients


The sun setting over the view from my work desk. It’s not a glamorous view but I’ve done some of my life’s most fulfilling work from here. . . . . . #mydccool #dcfocused #jj_forum_2309 #iger #igers #igersdc #vscodc #buildings_of_dc #IGDC