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The next time you are taking a trip to Badulla to see the early settlers don’t forget to break journey to visit Madulsima World’s end. Traveling a distance of 180 Km from Colombo you reach the Passara town and from there get on to the Pitamaruwa Road, and reach Madulsima. Legend says that the town got its name ‘Pitamaruwa’ because this was the place tea boxes being transported were exchanged from one set of caravans to another. In addition to the main Worlds End site at Horton Plains there are at least 4 other popular view points on the mountains of central Sri Lanka with deep precipitous edges known as mini world’s ends. They are Madolsima Mini World’s End, Selagama Mini World’s End, Pitawala Pathana Mini World’s End and the Deanston Mini World’s End. Out of these, the last two are located in the hills of Dumbara range. The Madulsima World’s End is located at the end of the lush Roeberry Estate tea plantation. When you reach you will see a range of mountains dotted with small, dry forests. The salient feature of Madulsima World’s End is,that the visitor can view a vast plain starting at the bottom of the mountain and ending towards the East coast. But at Horton Plains visitors are able to see a range of mountains and rock debris from a precipice.It is managed by the Tourist Board of the Uva Province. The elevation of the Madulsima mountain is 1257 feet and is 2300-3400 above sea level. The highest part of the rock belongs to Roeberry estate and the lower part to the Dorapoda in Bibile district. The range of mountains are always covered in mist and has salubrious climate at all times.A panoramic view of water falls such as Umang Oya, Bambarabotuwa and Kekunagala can be seen. After taking the road towards Metigahatenna from Madulsima you have to take a right turn at Kuruvigolla and proceed along Pitamaruwa road passing Ambalama junction towards Cocogalla. Currently they have carpeted the road for a short distance and from there onwards it was pure torture. You really need a good 4WD or a Piaggio trishaw to tackle this road which leads to Roeberry.


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