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كليپ جديد طنز آرش رهبر. نظر شما در خصوص اين نوع كليپ هاي طنز آميز آرش چي هست؟؟؟ و چرا ورزشكاران بزرگ و ملي ما در ايران نه حتي كليپ هاي طنز درست نميكنند حتي متن هاي طنز آميز و يا شوخي در صفحه شخصي خود ندارند؟؟؟ @arashrahbar @jasminekaras @farzyloko @generationiron #generationironpersia


Watching the #Grammys this year? We'll be rooting for alumnus Brandon Korn '14, a producer of the single #STARGAZING on Travis Scott's Grammy-nominated album #Astroworld. Brandon majored in Music Production and even completed an internship at P. Diddy Recording Studio in NYC as a #RamapoCollege student. 🎶🎚🎧 #rcnjmusic #rcnj #RamapoAlumni


There’s no such thing as too many shoes, is there? 🙄 #wishlist #byfar #neous #therow #styling


A Day at animal rescue my fur coat . День на ферме по спасению животных... ну в шубе, да?


Look in the mirror... are you happy with what you see!? Are you satisfied with how you look and feel... If you said no, are you happy that you’re doing something to change your opinion of yourself? If you are not and you are afraid to start... remember you just have to start. No matter where your starting position is, no matter your experience, no matter how much time you have, just start with what you have and with what you know. That’s how I did it, I had a little guidance, I made mistakes, over and over again I failed, but through all of it I learned. I learned how my body works, how it adapts, how it can change, what my body likes and what it doesn’t... Through trial and error you build such a deep connection with your own self that goes way beyond the physical. Mentally and spiritually you will grow as well. Hope everyone is kicking this weeks butt and getting after their goals 🙌🏻 - #motivation #classicbodybuilding #mensphysique #posingroutine #mensphysiqueposing #gainz #shredding #gym #aesthetics #preplife #npcphysique #npc #ifbb #newyorkfitness #gym #igfitfreaks #fitness #instafit #bodybuilding #arnoldamateur #arnoldamateur2019 #7weeksout #teamdiesel #evogen #alphalete


GOD IS GOOD. I want to take a second to brag about God and the changes that are occurring in my life. . Recently, I sold/dropped almost everything I owned in Cincinnati, OH and moved to the east coast to begin a new chapter in my life. I decided to settle in Mahwah, NJ, where I now live with the Rowland’s – they ARE my family. Despite my flaws, they have shown me a glimpse of God’s love and abundance to provide. . Together, the Rowland, Jobson, and Jicha family, have been mentoring and guiding me in my battle of forgiving my past (my real parents, incarceration, broken relationships, etc). This might sound silly, but I have not been in a physical altercation for over 90 days. Hurray to counseling lol. My mind is clear, my temper is under-control, and my heart is gentle. . Despite major changes, I decided to continue to ride my motorcycle. It is not my identity, but I love the sport. The east coast has welcomed me with open arms – treating me like one of their own. I’ve picked up a couple sponsors (to help market their brand) despite the fact that I suck (hahaha) and I will continue to use GoPro as a lens to see the people and experiences in my life. I desire others to see our beautiful sport and unique world. . Finally, I have been attending Church at Bergen. I am so blessed to have so many friends who are supporting me in my walk. To answer one of my many prayers, I begin a new job with one of the largest and competitive computer technology companies in the nation in February. I am so excited. . To all my friends in the Midwest who have remained loyal and supportive – thank you for standing beside me while I was at my worst. To everyone in the east coast – thank you for taking me in. To all of you who are following on Instagram and watching my journey – thank you. Thank you for forgiving me despite my mistakes. I truly forgive anyone who has done me wrong. It doesn’t matter anymore and in the grand scheme of things – it never mattered. For once, I am free. A change of heart and a change of mind is the battle every day. God has all the glory.


Hey Windsor


Should’ve been resting🤷🏻‍♂️




Who is ready for competition in 2 days💪🤸‍♀️


Sure you’ve tried regular Rootbeer, Ginger Ale, and Orange soda, but have you tried Nonna’s brand sodas?! At nonna’s we’ve crafted our own recipes and bottled them up to give our customers the best versions of their favorite sodas! Come by and give them a try! 🥤 - - - - - - - - #foodiesofinstagram #foodphotography #soda #yum #mahwah #bergen #italian #localbusiness #tryit #yum #amazing