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Calle Moreno Monroy Málaga, Spain - Places nearby

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3 kings parade in Malaga.. kids love it👌🏻 14 tons of sweets being thrown 🙈 #sugarrushedkids @gemmacollins1 @sadiestuartx @real_arg @billystuart.1


Levántate,suspira , sonríe y sigue


Nunca te olvides de tiii❤


Outfit day 2: Dance dress in red made to measure in my personal size, papillon scarf and my ever present camel coat. Thanks to photographer @pgotenstedt 😘 #silkdress #sustainablefashion #custommade #bespoke #madetomeasure


ASANA - Rasa yoga IG - Day 3 Stirha Sukham Asanam 🧘‍♀️ Sthira : steady , stable , motionless Sukham : comfortable , ease filled Asanam : meditation posture ( from the root ) Yoga sutras 2.46-2.48 Asanas is the Sanskrit name for yoga poses , postures , or literally meaning seat . The practice of asanas open up the energy channels , chakras, and out psychic centres of our bodies . Asanas is much more than this , when we practice yoga , we step on the mat not knowing what to expect and not knowing where we are going . Mind is chattering and breath is heavy , then we start to move the body and turned inward . We start to teach deep in our soul to unfold and untie the knots of our hearts . Asanas is when we face our fear , our shadow, our doubts , our joy . When we surrender fully to the breath and let the body move in a way to open up . Asanas is when you reach deep into your truest nature and you allow the soul to dance with the divine and you start to feel connected , grounded and loved . My journey started with my teacher @siannasherman in 2014 , I have studied with her live in Berlin 300 hr TT Rasa Yoga and I did the online TT & will continue my study and journey. We are thrilled to announce the #rasayogatribe IG challenge . Join us if you can between the 8 January and 12 January for a 5 day alchemical journey of Rasa yoga with Asana , Mantra , Mudra , Pranayama & Meditation. Calling all brother and sister to jump in and co create the field with us . Ready All you have to do is to follow all our Rasa yoga tribe hosts : @rasayogatribe @siannasherman @greta_hill @alli_shafer @sonyayoga @allieerae @jcrawady @tanjamickwitzyoga How to play: 1 - Re-post the challenge announcement square and tag your Heart Tribe! 2 - You must TAG & FOLLOW each of our challenge hosts in each of your posts to be eligible to win FREE enrollment to the Rasa Yoga Online Teacher Training or our 2nd + 3rd place prizes 3 - Post your expression of the Rasa Yoga theme of the day 4 - Use the hashtag #rasayoga and #rasayogatribe in all of your posts 5 - Have fun & remember it’s all a great play!





Headphones on..world off. #malaga #spain #elcentro


Hey 😍



Training Pussy since 2005. . . . #thewayofaseducer #ilovepussy #pussylovesme


#úsame 🧡🎨



22+ på tagterassen - jatak ☀️😃 #dayoff #summertime #malagasun


Por que haces que el tiempo se pare...🌙


Tour of the Spanish naval ship Vigia.