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Are you a dodge fan!? @608_daddy #nastytrucksnation #truckporn #truckpak


Tighten up Florida. So, do we have a governor yet or not? #FloriDuh #recount #florida


Hope y’all don’t mind, but I’m going to take a second to toot my own horn: It is with great pride that I get to announce my very own *BIG BUCK DOWN* Never have I hunted harder for a specific buck and never has the feeling of accomplishment been greater than it is at this exact moment. I called him ‘Double Beam’, but it’s more like a big kicker coming off his brow. I killed him at dusk tonight and I’m still on cloud 9 all these hours later... Can’t believe it!! Gotta love those cold fronts! #lowerfloridabucks #bigfloridabucks #floridahunting #swampbuck #floridadeer #deerhunting


I ain gotta caption bitch WE da shit fr💩💜🤴🏽💫 #WeRock✊🏽


Welcome 2 Murdertee County 🛣 Wea Dem Young Niggas Get Cheese 💰 Fast Cars N Glocc23sssss ❗️🚀 #IonOweAhNiggaShit🤴🏾


Yooooooo🎸❄️☀️ you know how we get round dis way🥶🐍💚🤮 @3307munchie @rockett.gee @joe_03x


Aerial views of @imgacademy with my Dad #propplane #whereiwork


Making gainz is serious business folks!


Favorite day of the week: Leg Day!



Aun no estoy donde quiero pero tan poco estoy donde empecé 💪


Good times with 4 Himes


The boulder shoulder day.. ✅ High pulls: Smith machine and Db.. ✅ Shrugs.. ✅ Iso hold/ lateral raises.. ✅ Db Presses ✅ Smith machine presses Never skip shoulder day! #shoulderworkout #bouldershoulders


My Leslie Paige Baggett. I had always prayed for a best friend like you. We have gone through literally every important part of life together. You are my gentle, graceful, yet full of truth ROCK. Watching you journey into Motherhood has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I already love Zoey Grace as my own and I can’t wait to watch you and @bohanaggett bring her into this world. You’re my forever soul sister and I love you. . Also, thank God for iPhone Portrait mode when you forget your camera 😂😂🙌🏼