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What a great season 🏆🏆🏆🏆 @mancity


Protein Fluff✨ Simple and easy way to get protein in alongside snacking, also keeps you very full for a long time🍓 Ingredients: 🍒 Frozen berries (100g roughly) 🍒 Water (just enough for it to blend) 🍒 Vanilla protein powder 🍒 1 tbsp Xanthan gum - Blend ingredients well until mixture approximately doubles in size and thickens


This dude already on the next floor up before the girls 🤯😂😂😂 Tag A short Friend ⤵️ @sirbalmanny


Okay... 😂😂😂



Blondes definitely have more fun, took this on the way to taking the bins out. 👩🏼🗑



據星島日報海外版報導, 如今英國年輕人認識到,並不是只有在倫敦才能擁有未來,英國皇家國際問題研究所主席吉姆.奧尼爾日前表示,以老工業城市曼徹斯特為中心的英國「北方經濟增長區」,近年來成功轉型,吸引年輕人,推動城市走上發展軌道。 奧尼爾是「金磚」概念的首倡者。據新華社報道,近些年,他主要關注英國城市增長以及區域發展不平衡問題。奧尼爾說,英國青年一代的觀念正在發生變化,對倫敦的熱情有所降低。「多數年輕人在倫敦買房非常困難,但憑借穩定的工作收入,他們可以在曼徹斯特買房」,奧尼爾說,「不光如此,曼徹斯特充滿機遇,這讓年輕人振奮。」 根據英國官方資料,現階段包括曼徹斯特、利物浦等城市在內的英格蘭西北部房價,比倫敦便宜一半以上,這讓不少年輕人選擇離開倫敦。另一方面,由於集聚大量年輕人,曼徹斯特等老工業城市進一步吸引企業落戶,推動出台相應的企業支持政策,成功實現城市轉型。 近年來,根據奧尼爾參與提出的「北方經濟增長」計劃,曼徹斯特、利物浦、謝菲爾德、利茲等相鄰的北英格蘭城市,正增強交通互聯互通,實現經濟和商業聚集,嘗試打造經濟規模與倫敦相當的集群城市。作為英國工業革命的發源地,因為製造業風光不再,曼徹斯特曾一度淪為「收縮城市」,人口不斷減少,直到近些年才重現活力。「老工業城市衰落合乎經濟發展的趨勢,不易逆轉」,奧尼爾說。但他認為,曼徹斯特的成功轉型主要歸功對城市發展的遠景規劃和政府支持。


manchester 🐝


"The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin" 💜💜💜 I love skincare. The more you look after your skin the better makeup looks. I bought this @tatcha bundle from . The dewy mist is beautiful, (make sure you just use it on the areas you want to glow), the cleansing oil is luxurious and perfect for my 2 step cleansing. The violet C mask is a fantastic brightening pick me up for my skin. This was a pamper buy and I dont regret it 💜💜💜 I havent tried any other products yet but I love the brands ethos of quality natural ingredients. Also I love this brand because they are sooo supportive. This is not a sponsored post (although i wish it was ha!) but I am new to the instagram and a small following yet whenever I tag Tatcha they always respond, like and comment which means the world to me especially when I am starting off. Just wanted to say a major thankyou. 💜💜💜 Purple hearts all round 💜💜💜 #skincare #tatcha #londonlovesbeauty



⚡Flash⚡ Jess has these gorgeous Mermaids that need a home. They are both quite big and will need a day sitting at their current size. So something to fill a thigh or back maybe? Drop us a message and get something for #mermay


This was a little beauty I made a while ago with a natural Labradorite stone. I finally found a way to wrap without the ring appearing bulky whilst at the same time making it adjustable! Unfortunately I lost this whilst working! Gutted is an understatement 💔


Solskjaer is ready to make Pogba his Man United captain ✊ via @robdawsonespn


Our work at Sunlight House in Manchester just picked up an Insider design award. We were surprised as anyone as we didn’t even know it had been entered! Very chuffed.




More Manchester Spam 🦜🌱🌙


Another day of self tape auditions! The faces of the start vs the end of the day 😂


Weekly afternoon & evening bookings available.👐🏾💛 #massagetherapy #healinghands674 #massagetherapist


Love my new @uniqlo_uk t shirt ❤️ cool new range of Saki house brands, really cool. #uniqlo #tshirts Also check @blackandgoldfraud 's @jeffreestar makeup bag in the background 🔥💋 #jeffreestar