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good day, 2018. nice to see u again . twenty-three♡



In order to take beautiful photos, you should have the positivity in your heart, to unleash your soul, and open your eyes. You should never forget that the most important gear in photography is your eye, heart and soul ♡ Please take me back to summer. ♡ ___________________________________




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Can I just say I'm so happy to be witnessing the sunshine again?☺️ And can I also say I miss the beach so badly! Makes me wanna go back to #CamayaCoast in Mariveles Bataan as it's the closest beach resort🏞 in town. It's a place where I always end up going to when I feel like unwinding or quieting myself. It's just the best place to be when you can't go somewhere too far. . Camaya Coast is open whole year round and they do offer a day tour (for when you can't stay overnight), operating hours are from 9am-6pm on weekdays while on weekdays, you can stay at the beach from 9am til 8pm.💖 . I personally like going there on weekends as they do have fire dancers and fireworks display to entertain the guests at night!🔥 . So, why don't we all grab this chance to give ourselves a break from work and those gray days the rain has brought us the past few weeks?🤔 . My suggestion? Check out #CamayaBeachResort soon! It's just a 4-hour drive from Manila and oh! You can go there via ferry⛴ too and it only takes an hour to get to where you would definitely leave your heart!💞 . Coz Camaya, is a place where it feels like home.🍃


Swim your worries away 🌼


signature pose doubly exposed by @ranjoplo ty film king


Love. Travel. Both amazing. 💙