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Welp... my life is MADE!!! #HeadOfPasses was PHENOMENAL!! My Boy @swa06 was explosive!!! The rest of the cast absolutely incredible!! And the QUEEN @phyliciarashadrp... OMG... I just... I can't even put into words how much her performance moved me and inspired me! She literally gave EVERYTHING on that stage. Not ONE false or forced moment... NOT ONE!! Her performance was a true Master Class for the actor! Then she came out afterwards and gave even more of herself. Hugging, Shaking Hands, Talking with and taking pictures with people like me that just felt honored to be in her presence. That is the kind of Woman I aspire to be. Fierce and Graceful all at the same time! 😍😍😍What a great day... GREAT DAY!!!


If you're in LA don't miss this show. We close on March 11th! Support theater!! #linkinbio ••• #WaterByTheSpoonful is “one of the most insightful plays” #LA audiences have seen! Experience it at the #MarkTaperForum through 3/11. Repost via @ctgla


Thank you for having me #SweatCTG #OpeningNight @ctgla! Congratulations & best wishes for a wonderful rest of your run! 🎭 👏🏼


3 more weeks of #Sweat! Use the code SWEAT35 to get your tix! #mamatheregothatman #traplight #marktaperforum @ctgla 📸: @vortexlighting


The Taper at dusk.


Go see it if you can! #SWEAT! Thank you @heidela @lkfern for the wonderful experience and great casting!


Final weeks! Don’t miss #SweatCTG. #TakeMeToTheTaper #LAThtr


I love performing my poetry live because I can watch people’s reactions in real-time and ride the energetic wave of the crowd. Memories from the Mark Taper Forum #TBT


Opening night of Lynn Nottage’s SWEAT at Mark Taper w @erinwalley! #sweat #lynnnottage #aboutlastnight #openingnight #sweatctg @ctgla 🥂


Just saw Lynn Nottage's Sweat!!! Amazing!!!! Such a poignant, visceral, and captivating piece. #theatreislife @lynnnottage