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I love performing my poetry live because I can watch people’s reactions in real-time and ride the energetic wave of the crowd. Memories from the Mark Taper Forum #TBT


#Repost @ctgla with @get_repost ・・・ The #MarkTaperForum has been filled with heart the last six weeks. 💜 It’s time for our final bow of Luis Valdez’s “Valley of the Heart.” #ValleyOfTheHeartCTG #LAThtr 📷: @captureimaging


Thank you for having me #SweatCTG #OpeningNight @ctgla! Congratulations & best wishes for a wonderful rest of your run! 🎭 👏🏼


Valley of the Heart is a beautiful story about a Japanese and Mexican family during World War II. It really shows how in this country we have more in common with eachother than we are different. A wonderful story by legendary writer Luis Valdez. If you have a chance, come see this. These are our stories and we need more of them. ❤️


When your brother is in a Luis Valdez’ play at the Mark Taper Forum! G o S e e i t ! ! !


What. A. Show! #bravo #enoughsaid


Welp... my life is MADE!!! #HeadOfPasses was PHENOMENAL!! My Boy @swa06 was explosive!!! The rest of the cast absolutely incredible!! And the QUEEN @phyliciarashadrp... OMG... I just... I can't even put into words how much her performance moved me and inspired me! She literally gave EVERYTHING on that stage. Not ONE false or forced moment... NOT ONE!! Her performance was a true Master Class for the actor! Then she came out afterwards and gave even more of herself. Hugging, Shaking Hands, Talking with and taking pictures with people like me that just felt honored to be in her presence. That is the kind of Woman I aspire to be. Fierce and Graceful all at the same time! 😍😍😍What a great day... GREAT DAY!!!


Maddisyn’s 25 days of Christmas Day 2 💃🏻


#valleyoftheheart 🍓written & directed by #luisvaldez #elteatrocampesino / so fantastic! I’m a fan of Luis Valdez. The play is about two immigrant families & their American born children struggling to find a life & future after the Great Depression. Very current stuff. It is inspired and based on friends that Valdez grew up with. P.S. #labamba was one of my favorite movies growing up.


An adult comedy about immature behavior. 🎥 @steppenwolfthtr's “Linda Vista” by Tracy Letts makes its way to the #MarkTaperForum starting 1/9/19. #LindaVistaCTG #TakeMeToTheTaper


When I was offered 3 understudy roles in Luis Valdez’s #ValleyoftheHeart, I said YES! But never having been an understudy, I had no idea what I was in for. • I didn’t know that it would be some of the most challenging work of my career. Not because of the challenge of memorizing 3 character tracks at once or being ready to go on at a moments notice, it’s that it pushes you to be better, to listen more deeply, to watch more closely. There were wonderful days and tough days and I cried a lot and I laughed even more. • It was an honor to be a piece of this historic story. I have been uniquely privileged to be a part of some of the most incredible theatre these past few years. Stories centering our existence as people of color in America, stories that reveal our complexity and our heart, told on some of the most prestigious stages. • Thank you Valley of the Heart, thank you Luis and the entire Valdez family, thank you CTG. For a native Angeleno, working at this theatre was a long time dream. As I write this on a cloudy Monday morning, I am endlessly grateful that my dreams get to be my career. • And lastly, thank you to the understudies, who became my theatre family for the past 2 months. Through naps and line-thrus and truffle fries, the 4 of us were able to successfully cover a 12 person show. Thank you for listening, thank you for being amazing, and for being the best part of it all. 💖 until next time... • #theunderstudies #valleyoftheheart #MarkTaperForum #CTG #thankyou #closingnight #cutthecakemylove #gaman #wedidit #yay #theatre #actors #actorsinLA #regionaltheatre #storiesmatter #representationmatters


It’s a celebration! Happy birthday to my main squeeze! #manyyears #suchage #verymature #wow #itkeepsongoing #imnotmideastern #butiwannabe


Closing Night party of Valley of the Heart, sake and tamales ☺️ #amethodtothemanager #gaman #veronicaontherun


Henry and Hank.. congrats to the cast of #valleyoftheheart on their closing tonight, so many memories... @ctgla @elteatrocampesino #pachucos #danielvaldez #tupacshakur


Tonight’s entertainment! Luis Valdez’s VALLEY OF THE HEART.


A night at the theater! #valleyoftheheart