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Midday coffee Break Mayfair Style ☕️🇬🇧


You attract the energy you put out.


Looking like a strong finish to the month even though we started slightly slower with corrective conditions the market always has its next impulse. ⠀ +17% in total banked for the month with more running so we will likely exceed the 20% mark which I’m really happy with the account growth. I just knew this year would blow last year out of the water and so far it’s been just that. ⠀ EUR/JPY floating at +12% now with +8% locked in so let see if we get any more scale ins. ⠀ NZD/CAD running at +3% with +1% locked in and ended up being tagged out for +7.5% on my longer term trade on AUD/NZD. Very likely we have another opportunity for this longer term play. Holding through those deeper corrections were certainly more emotional but nothing I couldn’t handle. I say this because I think we all strive for this idea to have zero emotions in the market but I am yet to be a great trader that has no emotion.💭 ⠀ The community smashed it this month once again, whether that be double digit returns or multiple breakthroughs towards consistency it’s insane to see the high level of skilled traders tapping into their full potential on a regular basis. ⠀ Most people from the outside would think to hit those figures you need to risk more when I’m fact we stick to 1% per trade and remove risk off the table much faster and more effectively than the majority, not to mention the accuracy. ⠀ I firmly believe that this is the most sustainable and scalable way to trade the markets. Trades that have struggled for years come in and become consistent in a matter of months with the right work ethic. Not every single trader will be hitting big figures but the ratio we have of successful traders in falcon speaks volumes. And if you’re already consistent coming into falcon then get ready for a MASSIVE improvement on your performance.💎 ⠀ Feeling super excited for what’s in store for the community over the next few months, time to level up🔮 ⠀ Market breakdown being posted shortly guys, to everyone in the trading space how did you all get on for the month ? Also what breakthroughs did you have ? I would love to know if I can help out or give back in anyway through my personal experience👇🏼


PLASTIC REALITY is overwhelming and is everywhere... sooner than expected, stunning landscapes & oceans will become dull lifeless places. The Pink Bear wants to share with you the beautiful and extraordinary destinations he has been able to experience on our 🌎 and hopes to make you part of something important to us all. We believe now is the time to act! That is why @luap together with @itsclubhouse & under the curatorial eye of Ioana C decided to do their part by creating something thought provoking. Visit Shepherd Street in Mayfair London to discover the first clue. . . . PS: PLEASE GIVE A F*** & Share ✌🏻 . . . #itsplasticreally #mayfair #plastic #recycle #plasticreality #thepinkbear #art #artist #fresh #landscape #beautifuldestinations #realitycheck #itstime #iusedtobeapolarbear #plasticreality #theplasticflood


Date night + 1... Our petit one at La Petite Maison ce soir ❤️



Never lose your faith,remind yourself with the dark nights ,how you could find the light your journey, process,be patient ..everything happened for a reason #quote #grateful #faith #fatenhamamafilmfestival #modeling #photooftheday #sunglasses #straighthair #natural #simple #maggieanwer





When was the last time you actually slowed down and just completely switched off from everything? (Including your phone) 💆🏻‍♀️ - When you’re living in the city, it’s so easy to fill up your dairy and be booked in for something everyday all day. Whether it is for work, social events, spending time with friends, catching up with old friends, working out... the list goes on. Sometimes it feels like you never have time to yourself! But I want to remind you that it’s so important to set aside time for yourself and just chill out away from work duties/ social media etc. You can put so much pressure on yourself that you’ll end up burning out if you’re constantly working. 🤯 - Try take at least 1 hour of your day dedicated to doing something that completely relaxes you. This could be going on a stroll without looking at your phone, reading before bed, or doing a little pamper session and taking care of your skin! Self-care means more than just working on your body, it’s working on your mind too! 🙇🏻‍♀️ - P.S. these products by @patchology are pretty great 🧖‍♀️ They threw such a cute girls night in which was such a nice change to the usual crazy workout events. My fave products are the eye gels 🙌🏼


London, the City that never sleeps requires an outfit that can keep up pace. From day to night @hermes @calvinklein @samsoesamsoe #blackisback #londoncity #mayfair #lovemyjob #vipclient #luckygirl #nailsbylanhpham💅🏼


❤️❤️❤️love it Ami @amicarmine !...Jay @mrfabulousofficial -this is so nice of You ❤️❤️❤️@hohpabissi #bts #whatiwore #dressingup #videostar #star #fashion #styleblogger #photography #model #naturalbeauty


Classy bathroom snap? 📸🤷🏻‍♀️


💼💼💼WWW.A single arrow is easily broken;@a quiver of ten is


Also, stunning work by Zhuang Hong Yi at Unit earlier