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Happy Father’s Day to all my friends! Father’s Day was always weird to me because I didn’t have a dad growing up but he still taught me how to be a great dad. He taught me what not to do and how meaningful it is to have a great dad around. So I thank him for that. ________________________________ Tap on my shot and check out some amazing Father’s I tagged on this picture post.


Big Sur was breathtaking. We stayed there for about 5 days, 90% of the time we didn’t have service and we got to hang out with our amazing friends @ourviewfinder @our_landyacht ! We explored a ton and beached it while watching our friends foil (a form of surfing) 🏄 🌊 Definitely excited to come back to this cute town 🖤


Ahh remember when I was in California a month ago?? It already feels like months have gone by since I last got to go home 😣. My brain goes back and forth all the time on which country I should live in... I suppose I am lucky to have not only one but two wonderful countries to call Home. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Would you stay where you are or move somewhere new??


we love park rangers!! @brianna.proost @christianachkar_


5, 6, 7 🎂... y los que haga falta 😍 . . #warmaxinso #love #7 #couple #happy #withyou


Wild love💚 #bigsur #mcwayfalls #pacifichighway #california


Taking a picture of jorgie taking a picture #picture #pictures #pic #pics


This place was breathtakingly beautiful. There is a waterfall that falls right onto the beach. #stunning #landscapephotography #travel #waterfall #beach #summer #roadtrip #amazing #love #sopretty #bluesky #wanderlust #photooftheday #pinchme #takemeback


At the end of the trail


Named after Ronald McDonald.




iPhone 10 quality is something else 💫✨💛