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Floral dress and @harrywinston 💎 Thanks for the great time in Miami! The store on Design Destrict is beautiful! Had so much fun hosting the event #harrywinston #ad ———— Vestido floral e joias @harrywinston 💎 Amei host o evento da marca ontem junto à @voguebrasil ! #lookdodia #ootd


Best things in life are definitely free I am considering moving to my balcony permanently


True love🖤🐾 • • • #limbani #notapet #conservation #chimpanzee #endangeredspecies #zwfmiami #zwf @limbanizwf


CHEGAMOS ORLANDO!! Parque do Harry Potter aí vamos nóoooos 🤩💖 E é claro que nessa viagem não podia faltar a @roteirovip que organizou tudinho pra nós! Só sei que esses dias vão ser incríveis e que eu ainda não to conseguindo acreditar que estamos aqui 😂🇺🇸✈️ obrigada @roteirovip vocês são lindooos


Had planned on posting something informative with this one, but every time I look at these side by sides of Andres, it’s hard to really think straight 😂. Wish we had a better quality photo for right but I think the changes are clear. Even with the perfect plan, executed 100%, it’s rare to see this kind of growth and lipolysis in combination during a prep. I think it’s safe to say @bigboulda hasn’t left anything to chance and I wanted to recognize that! We’ve got about 2 weeks left and continuing to change daily. VERY much looking forward to dialing this dude in, in person and then making plans for a national appearance next year.


Amando la tranquilidad ❤️de mi dulce hogar y La Paz que se respira!!🙌🏽 Deseándoles dulces Sueños para todos y besotes de Buenas Noches! 😇


Mental wellness - happiness - whatever you want to call it - It’s so much more than trying to push away our bad habits and destructive patterns. Denying those parts of us and our stories leads to nothing but shame and the eternal quest of wanting to be “fixed” - trust me I’ve been there. - Once you recognize the triggers or habits that “feed” those demons, YOU have the power because you can finally name them and say NO. You can replace them with the thoughts, practices and habits that feed your growth instead. 🙏🏼 - It’s a mind shift just as much as it’s a lifestyle change just as much as it’s a physical and emotional change. - - #WorkHardPlayHard 👉🏼 DM your e📬 for info on my programs 💪🏻





Óyeme sis, you’ve been thinking about it, you’ve planned it and look at it in all angles but you feel like you missing something? Of course you are, You have to Start everything will follow but remember starting is only the beginning.~ @forever21 #f21xme