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The Treasury Office, Ashley Building, Middle Temple Lane - Places nearby

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Middle Temple in the winter dusk looking all mysterious.


Backstage SS18 ‘Red Dolls’ by @nastassia_bruckin


#SimoneRocha's romantic #SS18 collection hit the runway today at #LFW. We've fallen for the opulent fabrics and Victorian details. Swipe through for more. #mytfashionweek #mytheresa


Red dolls in sacred places ❤️ @simonerocha_ #lfw #ss18


On the shoes at the @simonerocha_ show, the inspiration for which was Simone's childhood collection of china dolls. (Her two-year-old daughter won't be wearing them though, "she's a real tomboy - she dresses herself. Lots of wellies," says the designer backstage. 📸: @elliepithers #VogueBackstage #LFW #SS17


Backstage SS18 ‘Red Dolls’ by @nastassia_bruckin


All about my #LFW faves online now (click in bio) ⚜️ Thank you for the cool pic @photoshe_ 💯 #lfwss18byheilbrunner


a ✔️ off my bucket list - trying on a wig • • • Jokes aside, I’ve just been Called to the Bar of England and Wales and not shy to say that I’m proud of myself for doing such a great job!👩🏻‍🎓 For the past year, instead of weight, I’ve shed blood, sweat and a lot of tears trying to get through the whole process, it was, to say the least, emotionally tormenting but it has allowed me to grow and to learn so many new things. 👵🏼 Lastly, it is safe to say that I’ll never agree to going through such process everrrr again 🤢 (okayyy, that’s it i’ve got to stop being so wordy byeee 👋🏼)