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You had me at @fendi library 📚 #MensFashionWeek #FW18 Anzeige


Descrivi con una emoji questa foto.🥺


Do we love hair clips? Yes or no?


Meglio prima o adesso? 🤣🤣🤣 #10yearschallege


don’t trust everything you see


I’ll let these @etro patterns and colors speak for themselves... 👏🏼 — also: shout out to my main man @littrean behind the 📷 all the time.. these shots in particular are just nuts!! #dapperinmilan #mfw #milanfashionweek #milanfashion #etro


Prima cosa: mi aspetto un sincero ringraziamento da tutti voi che durante la fashion Week non vi ho tediato con innumerevoli Outfit ogni quarto d’ora. Seconda cosa: con meticolosa attenzione li propongo in un unico post multiplo taggando brands e fotografi. Il primo che mi chiede “ma di chi è il cappotto?”, muore. Terza cosa: ditemi qual è il vostro look preferito, facendo tutti finta, sia io che voi, che questo cambi anche solo minimamente il mio giudizio. Quarta cosa: capite l’ironia. Sul quarto punto ho serissimi dubbi. Ma vi amo immensamente.


Midnight at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in @missoni.🌹 Anzeige/ Normally this place is packed with tourists but when staying next to the Duomo we passed by here after the Missoni dinner and found this beautiful place almost for ourselves. #Missoni #Milan #mfw


#italy #italia #italy🇮🇹



Great Metal Night 🤘🏼☠️🎸 #behemoth #vertigo #metalhead #alcatrazmilano



Chocolate fondue. Dessert after flavorful lump of meat. The one on the left bottom is “ground cherry” or a “lantern plant”. Haven’t had one for a long time but its sweet & sour taste is a great match with chocolate.


🇮🇹 retrospective


Aghory's paradise. ⠀ This church I saw in Milano, Italy when my dear host, and now - friend @tkemalediction showed me this special place. He told me, that not a lot of tourists know about this sight. And all of this walls inscrustrated in people's bones. Amazing, yes? ⠀ Probably, Giorgio waited from me another reaction, maybe he thinked that I will scared, but no. ⠀ In Hindu culture - you can find people, who calling yourself - Aghori. I know about this specifically direction, and not all people can understand it correctly. But for me - its awesome. ⠀ It's amazing and shocking you simultaneously. Thank dear. And tell me, Giorgio - where I can read about this again? ⠀ #aghory #church #india #bones #Italy #Europe #religion #death #traveling #culture


🇧🇷 Ontem passeamos por Milão! Nos andamos 10,5 km a pé e só conhecemos um pedacinho da cidade. Essa é a Catedral de Milão, que começou a ser construída em 1386 e levou 600 anos pra ser finalizada. Quando saímos do metro demos de cara com ela, e levamos um susto.. é muito linda! A foto não tem comparação com a vida real, você tem que ver pessoalmente. 😘 • 🇺🇸 Yesterday we went to Milan! We walked 6,8 mi and saw a tiny portion of the city. That’s the Milan Cathedral, the construction began in 1386 and it took nearly six centuries to be complete. When we got off of the subway station we were stunned.. the picture doesn’t do it justice, you have to go and see it in real life 😘 #eurotrip #italy #italy_vacations #duomomilano


Clutch bag comes to those who wait. 👛👩🏽‍💼🍊 ⚫️⚪️ #proenzaschouler #lunchbag #mythird


Flannel, Flannel, Flannel. Love this #foxbrothers1772 brownish grey flannel suit by #cesareattolininapoli. #Italy #pittiuomo95 #classicmenswear #flannel #attirehouse


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