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Missing this majestic place. Beaver State Fling is one of my favorite tournaments that I always look forward to. I also miss @ppierce29190 WOO’s😂💓 What’s a tournament you play every year and always look forward to??? This was with 168g Star Destroyer before I lost her💔


my furry legs & me 🎶 la la la la laaa 🎶 *sing to the tune of my shiny teeth & me by the one & only chip skylark* GUYS!!! I FOUND SOMEONE TO SHOOT WITH SINCE MOVING TO OREGON! REALLY EXCITING TIMES! MAKING FRIENDS & WHATNOT! thank u for takin' pics of me @aniahlander 💛


THAT'S A WRAP! 🎥 Thank you to the wondeful cast + crew of #Hatched. It was a blast getting to work with such talented filmmakers and such awesome people. Together, we have made a really special little film. 🐣 #goteam Also, #Oregon is an AMAZING place to shoot (and they have the coolest Park Rangers!)


Its my pleasure to create the DiscGolf4Women wall calendars each year to feature the female athletes in our sport in exciting locations around the world. . And sometimes, I get to sneak in a cool photo of myself 😁 This is the photo for May 2019. . Head over to to see more photos from the calendar and grab one up while their still on sale for just $8! . 📸 by @stevealiberti . #DiscGolf4Women #discgolf #Discraft


Didn’t pee in the river today but I did poop in the forest yesterday 🤩


When the day doesn’t go your way at least you still have fashun✨


@zoeandyke smashing putts no matter the conditions! What a way to end the round🍾⛆☔🌞 #trueoregonian #milomciver #dynamicdiscs


Even if I can't play because of my shoulder rehab, it's always awesome to hang out at Milo. This #ragtag group of friends embarked an awesome round of triples, playing the 27 hardest holes that Milo has to offer. Rain or Shine, Oregonians come to play no matter what! #DiscGolf


Beaver State Fling has come to an end. After finishing 10th last year my goal was inside the top 10 and earn my invite to the USDGC. All week long I felt great practicing both Milo East and West. I was ready. So ready I over did it and woke up Friday morning with lower back pain/stiffness. To say it altered my game is an understatement haha. After a roller coaster round 1 I was able to shoot 57 -4. Luckily local chiropractor Branden Garland who was set up at the event adjusted me and I managed another 57 round 2. Knowing I had a lot of work to do I met with Seth Munsey of @discgolfstrong before my rounds on Saturday and Sunday. He helped me get my body and the muscles around my back warmed up and ready to go. Feeling more like myself I was able to shoot back to back bogey free rounds 55 & 53. Missed the top 10 by 2 strokes, but got my invite to the USDGC!!!! Can’t thank Seth and Branden enough. I wouldn’t have been able to finish without you guys! Also thank you @dynamicdiscs @whalesacs @shadyrays for supporting my season! #BSF #Oregonisbeautiful #illbeback #myhappyplace


Walter says 14 more acts of kindness to do today and also, that many days until Christmas 🤣🤣🤣💖💖💖. Be Kind and...SPREAD THE LOVE💖💖


Team golf with my king!!! I cant say enough how amazing he is!!! 😘💋




Enjoyed throwing with my brother at Milo


Finally back with the Lady. She took me to the parks and even to Petco for a new ball!


It was so windy! I chase all the leaves!


So, don’t take a fence to this but...