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Have you ridden the Whole Enchilada Trail? Head to the homepage to see @lbstrobel shredding this beast on the new #Mseries @envecomposites wheels! Awesome edit, it’ll make you wanna go ride it if you haven’t! #fomo 👏 🔥👊🏼🤘🏼🎥: @kevinwinzelerphoto #mtb #pinkbike #mountainbike #mountainbiking #iRideEnve #envecomposites #wholeenchilada #moab #utah


Success seems to be all relative. For me it's been a changing and sliding scale of personal satisfaction and success with my work. But most notably over the last few years one of the most important factors in my personal and business success is simply trying something that I know will be hard. That can be physically or creatively, best when mixed. It's easy for me to get caught in a rut of pretty good photos or doing what I know I can do. Today It feels great to be full of creatively challenging fun after 10 days in the desert-shooting, running, climbing and adventuring. Having some friends to help you along the way sure helps trying something hard! This is a photo of @brodyleven and @timjones_video dragging me up "jah-man" on the Sister Superior tower.


We made it to Moab and did get some wheeling on Fins ‘n Things as the sun went down.... was awesome! This is my first trip as part of a group and not chasing a group with a camera, I like it. There’s a bit of broken stuff but nothing we can’t handle... yet... and I’ve made instant friends with rad folks like @crawl_tv @rodioncreative @kristophermiller and many more! Plus these other dudes keep aiming those camera thingys in my direction... feels funny. Thanks to #powerstopbrakes for hosting us on #trailtosema ! Great start!


we got caught in a sandstorm, not good. but other than that we doin great!


I’ve spent a lot of time in the desert this summer, and I definitely understand the “magic” people speak of. I fell in love in this desert, I pushed my comfort zones in this desert and now, I have the great honor of sharing similar experiences with SheLift. Today, four young women will show up to take ownership of their lives. These four girls, though different in appearance and perspective, all share one common goal: to let go of what’s been holding them back and leap fully into a life of self-acceptance and empowerment. They’ll experience the thrill of rappelling down 100ft canyon walls, and forming life-long connections over hot cocoa and campfires. If this weekend is anything like those I’ve spent in the desert before, the trip will be short, but the impact will last forever. The girls arrive today and from the minute they set foot into camp, I will be consumed with adrenaline and excitement. To re-set and make sure I’m mentally and physically tuned for the weekend ahead, I went on a hike this morning. With the notable change of temperature in the air, it’s clear summer has come to an end – a bittersweet realization. I’m sad to be ushering summer out, but oh so excited to switch out my closet for colder weather clothes from @athleta and the winter adventures to come with SheLift. #PowerOfShe #sponsored photo by @dylan.h.brown


Swipe for the release of a new product from @4x4spod #spodfamily #spod #rockstargarage #colorado #diesel #rollingcoal #mishimoto


Nothing makes you feel small quite like nature. 📸 @jonathonreed #theoutbound


When the coat you’re born with just isn’t enough. Scrappy bundles up during an afternoon bouldering session. Photo: @_drew_smith_


Just before Xmas my step son was killed this last year he would be 23 years old today.... I left his ashes here in the La Salas at 10k around mile 170 and at mile 103 on Shay Mountain a short prayer a tear and a reason to push on , finding purpose helps us live our dreams, deal with our demons and push through every day challenges, I got as close to you as possible D$..we love you and are always with us .. #timbergangsters #livethatlife #alwaysbethankful #lav8life #moab200


Refueled from our sunrise hike with breakfast at #JailhouseCafe in #Moab. Seemingly simple, but so delicious! #Swedishpancakes with #lingonberries. Wouldn’t have bothered to try it if it weren’t for my visit to Stockholm last week. The lingonberries with the Swedish meatballs were good, so I decided to give this a try. The pancakes are thin like crepes; not too filling. Nice way to top off the morning! #foodie #trynewfood #worldtraveler #globetrotter #backpacker #adventuretogether #roadtrip 20.X.17


Paid a pretty penny to stay in #Moab last minute. All other campsites, Airbnb’s, and motels were full. Got the last vacancy at Bowen Motel, had a nice dinner at Peace Tree Cafe, then woke up at 6:30am to get to #ArchesNationalPark by the time it opened at 7am. It certainly paid off. The hike was quiet, peaceful, steep, yet graceful. Seeing it from afar was a completely different experience than seeing it in person. After a high catwalk and precarious precipice, the rock formations opened up to reveal #DelicateArch. The wind was strong, giving both a sense of relief from the heat generated from the hike as well as striking fear that you just might be blown off the cliff. The rays of the sunrise were still peeking through. A sense of awe and joy washed over me. That quickly turned to dread when I realized the area in front of the arch is a basin down which you could just tumble. As picturesque as the setting is, walking out to the arch was also rather terrifying. To the right, you could roll down into said basin; to the left, you could just fall down a steep cliffhanger. To top that off, the wind blew like it meant to rattle you. Needless to say, we didn’t stay out there long. No one did. This is why one must travel. To experience the world first hand. To gawk at its beauty and to feel the range of emotions from terror to gratitude. #adventuretogether #archesnationalpark #utah #sunrise #hiking #outdoors #nature #worldtraveler #globetrotter #backpacker #roadtrip 20.X.17


Thanks to everyone who made my 18th birthday so amazing! Love you all ♥️ (also watch the vid, it's hilarious)


This 📱8 takes some #badass 📷 —�—�—�> #billetsilver #sexy #moab #utah #playground


Hmu for a good time 3037170012