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Twofer for Teddy Tuesday? Yes I talk to Tedder all the time. Case in point. He’s even showcasing his moobs!


Last nights light show courtesy of the remnants of Florence.


Mizik sa pale pou 500 ans Gen Anpil moun ki pap kontan, se paske yo pa real #anbasadcamp 🔥🔥 Verite Only


lookin 💛💀grotesque💀💛 bc 'twas first thing in the morning when my doggo woke me up on my birthday but he cute so fuccc it


Please excuse the person who left their undies on top of the paper dispenser in this pic 😂 . More importantly, I just finished up a killer back workout focusing primarily on the lats. . The lats are one of the hardest muscles to grow, but if activated properly they’ll grow and completely transform your physique. . DOWN BELOW IS MY LAT ROUTINE👇🏽 . ✅Chin Ups 3 Sets / Rep Till Failure ✅Reverse Pulldowns 4 Sets / 10 Reps ✅Single Arm Row 4 Sets / 10 Reps Each Arm ✅Bent Over Row 4 Sets / 8-10 Reps HEAVY ✅Straight Arm Pulldown 4 Sets / 10 Reps . If you want to incorporate this workout into your routine feel free to 📌BOOKMARK this post or go into my stories and screen shot today’s lat workout. . That’s it for today, I hope you’re all having a great week. Remember stay hungry and keep moving forward 💪🏽


John McEnroe - timid. Serena Williams - docile. When the culinary world’s ultimate badboy, the Original Soupman holds court, he proves time and time again he’s the king of the (soup) court! 🥣


We’ve got some exciting pilot brews lined up for the coming Fall season 🍂🌾😋🍺! This heirloom corn was grown just a few miles from the brewery by our friend (and previous owner of our beautiful property in Colts Neck) Stephen Garrett. Together we picked a variety of corn and stripped the kernels from the cobs using an antique device dating back to the late 1800’s. Stay tuned to see how we incorporate this awesome local ingredient into a delicious seasonal brew...🍻 #cheers #DrinkFromTheSource #SourceLocal #DrinkLocal #SupportLocal #GrownInMonmouth #breweryinplanning #SourceBrewing #farmhousebrewery #farmbrewery #farmsteadbrewery #pilotbrew #heirloomcorn #harvest #fallseasonal #craftbeer #NJbeer #NJcraftbeer #harvestale #farm #brewing #growingbeer #SourceofHappiness


t i p p y t o e s 📷 #fulllength #mirrorselfies #shoppingdays #littleblackdresses


(Follow-up to 4/18 post) Lesson Learned: Not just shakes, it’s a complete organic system consisting of antioxidants, nutrients, adaptagens. The system “filled the gap” that was missing from my natural food supply. I don’t care how many salads I ate or how much of mom’s homemade veggie soup, there was NO WAY I could get the nutrition my body craved with those foods compared to what I got in just one 8 oz., creamy, yummy, shake. And, oh by the way, I NEVER STOPPED eating “real food” I love, just ate it in moderation. And oh, about the diet, I quickly learned this program is NOT a “diet”. Weight loss is a natural side effect of a balanced metabolism. So, when I started flooding my body with the right nutrients, my body just knew what to do. Did I exercise too? Of course! Did I drink all my water? Absolutely! Did I cut down on food (notice I said cut down and not out) that I knew was not good for me? Obviously. But it all started with the nutrition. #healthylifestyle #nutritionalcleansing #notjustshakes #notadiet #balancedmetabolism #balancedlifestyle #doesabodygood


So excited to start Samantha’s raw feeding tomorrow!!! 😃🐕🐾 #chicken #rawmeat #rawfood #rawdogfood




Found these awesome greeting cards @ my local thrift....


About right


Single Leg Roman Deadlift Equipment: Kettlebell, Dumbbell, BarBell Pro Tips: 1. Push your hips back slightly bend your leg that is down, the other leg that goes back keep straight, but it's OK if there's a slight bend in the knee. 2. Keep your back flat, chest up and pull your shoulder blades back during exercise. 3. HAVE FUN AND WORK HARD!!! Bonus Workout: Weighted Flutter Kicks. Pro Tips: 1. Tuck your chin to your chest and push your belly button to the floor. 2. Extend legs straight out while moving up and down. #exercises #igfit #athlete #nextlevel #workout #muscle #igexercises #grind #bodybuilding #motivationmonday #athlete #athletes #absworkout #grind #squat #hamstrings