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Sometimes I feel a little too fragile for these years, like I once was whole and now I have a few too many cracks that won’t hold everything inside anymore. It feels like if I breathe too deeply, it’ll shatter— and all I want is to exhale with all that I am. • Mental health awareness was a couple weeks ago, and as someone who loves talking about it (biggest verbal processer 🙋🏼‍♀️)... I didn’t know how to talk about it in the midst of it. “Hi, I struggle with these things even though it doesn’t seem like it from the outside looking in” feels isolating and shameful and too tiring to have to even explain. • • There are all sorts of lies that come with anxiety and depression (no matter how mild or severe) and I think that the biggest one is that we’re alone. So deeply alone that it doesn’t matter who you tell, no one will get it, because it doesn’t make sense for you to feel that way. • • But a stranger told me yesterday that it gets better. I don’t know if she could see it on my face, but she promised me it does. And my bible study has been studying Romans, which is tearing up every lie that I start believing and replacing it with truth. It’s a slow process, to let God in on those things. But it’s necessary and healing in so many ways. • • So here’s to baby steps. To healing the broken pieces. To not being embarrassed to share hard things. To exhaling. To all of you who think you’re alone, when you have a team of people behind you. To finding hope, it will get better 🙌🏻


Oggi sono stato il #RegaloDiCompleanno per una piccola #Gattina 🌈 La piccola e dolce Miriam ha compiuto 5 anni 💕 Ancora tanti auguroni #Cucciolotta 🐱


We ate here three times 🙌🏻🍷🍝❤️ @donnarosapositano


I absolutely promise to not complain about the heat if I can go back right now? It has poured on and off all day today and I’m just not up for it. I was born for warm weather living. ☀️ Also really not ready to lose these guys back to education. School surely isn’t that important really? 😉 Anyhow, how has your day been? I had two fillings at the dentist, googled ‘where can I fly to that’s warm in September’ and ordered a new birthday skirt, which I think you’re definitely allowed to do when a big birthday is approaching. I mean, I’ll be using that as the excuse for every purchase between now and October, just sayin’ @littlewoodmr 😬 How is it almost September though? 🙈


Это как надо любить футбол, что и здесь место нашли для поляны👆⚽️


Montepertuso, means “hole in the mountain”. We could see it from our hotel. A lot of stairs but it was a quick hike. Highlight: I stepped on a dog poo on our way back 💩



Hiking 1000 stairs in the rain.



Autumn on the Amalfi Coast


Check out these gorgeous winter squash...and a little wine


”Corri e fottitene dell'orgoglio ne ha rovinati più lui che il petrolio ci fosse anche solo una probabilità giocala... giocala... giocala giocala... giocala... giocala” Vasco Rossi