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Pura Vida


This was from 2017, when I was in Monteverde, 2018 was the first year in almost a decade that I hadn’t visited Monteverde, I was thinking about that magical rainforest and some of the Hummingbirds. The most common, at least during my time there, has always been the Green-crowned Brilliant, a large species of hummingbird that has brilliant plumage. The males, have such amazingly vibrant plumage, if you get the light right, and they look at you directly it can be blinding. I hope to return soon, I always enjoy the rainforest habitat and species diversity.


Treehouse café in Costa Rica is AMAZING🌴 - About to do a night hike in the forest, and I’m hoping I see some crazy wildlife. Wish me luck!😂 - What’s your favorite place to hike? Comment below!👇🌎


good morning cloud forest🌦🦋


July 16th, 2018 ( 27th round around the sun) Life is an instant! There is no such thing as the future, the only moment that exists is RIGHT NOW. It doesn’t mean I’m going to drop everything and not plan anything. No. I have a responsibility. We all do. We have a purpose. But we have to LIVE it in order to find it. And once we do there is no time to waste. BE YOUR PURPOSE. SHARE YOUR PURPOSE! & then again I’m learning to stay humble in knowing that I don’t know anything. But what I do know is to respect other people’s paths & their choices just like I want mine and my family’s respected. I believe our only true commitments in this life is our commitment to care for this planet & for personal growth. I’m here to tell you, YOU DONT OWE ANYTHING TO ANYONE. Not even to those who brought you to this earth. MY commitments right now on the day of my birth is to learn different ways of caring for the Earth so that I can share them with others in hopes of creating a ripple effect. My commitment is to be my authentic self 100% of the time, accepting the fact that not everyone will like me & that that’s completely ok. My commitment is to break away from the limiting belief that I cannot be abundant doing the things I love to do & sharing the ability to do that with others. My commitment is to honor & give thanks to the Earth for providing everything I need. My commitment is to truly embody all these and live in the only moment that exists... right now. Thank you all who have supported me in this path. To every single one of you who has been a part of my journey, you are my teachers. You are so appreciated and so worthy of spreading your message and your purpose. I believe in you! . . . P. S. for those of you who feel called to keep supporting us in our journey and want to learn how to, check the link in my profile for our GoFundMe 🧡 Have a beautiful day! . . 📷 @arrf8


Day 1 morning hike through the jungle 🐒


Costa Rica 2018


“It’s just a lot of trees” - @_sebihartwell


The cloud forests of Costa Rica are beautiful. Covering the higher slopes of volcanoes and mountains all across the country, they offer mysterious fogs and thick growth of bromeliads, mosses, ferns and a lot of exotic animals . #rainforest #cloudforest #costarica #monteverde #santaelena #nationalpark #jungle #regenwald #dschungel #green #clouds #tree #fern #bromelia #moose #puravida #lumix #nature #vacation #holidays #monteverdecloudforest #verde #mystic #fairytail


Functional design in #costarica Monteverde cloud forest #gogreen #outdoorfurniture #design #intothewild


Cloud Forest in Costa Rica 🇹🇭


Hiking in the moss and clouds and trees in Monteverde.


We’re soaring flying ☁️☁️ #ziplinecostarica #travel #cloudforest


Hiking in the cloud forest. #puravida