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Monteverde is the only remaining Cloud Forest in Central America. A two and a half hour drive from San Jose took us nearly twelve hours due to road closures because of the strikes - but I can say without a doubt that it was one of the most incredible parts of our trips. There was nothing like sitting at an elevation of around 4600 feet watching the clouds pass by the beautiful wildlife. 🙌🏼




Living in my hiking boots


Costa Rica volunteers are taking a turn over on @ilptakeovers showing you about their semester there. Feeling massive amounts of fomo for their last vacay to Monteverde they showed but it’s fine 😭 I’m fine 😭 . . 📷 @quinn_layton @kaitlin.noel @candinnewman #ilpcostarica #ilpadventure


Got up at 5 am to visit the prettiest forest I’ve ever seen. This country just keeps blowing my mind. 🌎💙 #costarica #crfanphotos #costaricaexperts


monteverde cloud forest, costa rica. lost for words.


Exploring the Cloud Forest of Monteverde has been a blessing in itself. I never imagined that a jungle could be so still and peaceful. With beautiful views in every direction I can’t imagine what else Costa Rica has in store 🚌💨


Treehouse café in Costa Rica is AMAZING🌴 - About to do a night hike in the forest, and I’m hoping I see some crazy wildlife. Wish me luck!😂 - What’s your favorite place to hike? Comment below!👇🌎


Yo me enamoro todos los días




The last moment before😎adrenalin is growing:), still in cosy hostel🙈 #costarica🇨🇷 #monteverde #extremeadventure #adrenaline #tarzanswings #zippinglining #bungee #travelgirl😱😜🙈🙈👍


Walking in the clouds #skywalk #hangingbridgesofcostarica


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