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Montréal 275, Notre-Dame St E, H2Y 1C6 - Places nearby

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Es war eine unglaublich schöne Zeit hier in Montreal🇨🇦. Ich konnte neue Freundschaften schließen und war live bei den #rainbowinvitational. Danke @ubisoftde für die Einladung. Jetzt freue ich mich aber auch wieder meine Freundin, Freunde und Familie wieder zu sehen❤️. Spätestens ab Donnerstag werden alle Formate wieder pünktlich kommen. Ps: Danke natürlich auch an jeden einzelnen Muchacho für den täglichen Support😘


Imagine if i never met the broskies 💚 #tb #MTL


قطره كاور اف ايكس رنگ ميرج قابل استفاده به عنوان هايلايتر، سايه چشم و بدن👌🏻 . قيمت: ٣٢٢ هزار تومان💵


Which way you ought to go depends on where you want to get to или чем ниже голова,теп глубже мысли 😅 #abashova #ballet


Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️


Blessed to see the age of 20 and experience the hospitality of Montreal as well 🙏🏽🇨🇦 #BigDub #Feb18th #Different #Poutine


Yesterday with @kerrie_ahern (she is an amazing food blogger but also a friend and above all she is gonna a be one of our “bride” we are planning a beautiful wedding for her in Tuscany ) and her friend Alison of @twofoodphotographers we went to park and we set up a small pic-nic in the snow...too bad that they don’t have much snow at the moment ! I really hope to be able to work with these two amazing Irish girl again very soon ...people here are so nice !


you’ve set on me, but you are not the sun. . . . shot by @sharinglights, who made me feel so lovely / really missing the sunshine these days. 🌨


"Così tanto da dire, Che alla fine, Non ci resta che il silenzio"🍁 ~ ◇ ~ Piaceva a: @marcovichi_


Faces only our mothers could love 👬



Même avec une tempête de neige Montréal rêve merveilleux 😍🇨🇦 #canada #montreal #travel #travelphotography #building #roadtrip #holiday #snow #winter






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