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“I randomly decided to pursue law–I always wanted to become a chef, but that remained a dream & I became a lawyer instead. Honestly, the 1st time I felt passionately about law was during my 1st internship with a judge– I learnt a lot & realised that I was actually really good at it. After that, I studied my heart out & dreamt of wearing that black robe. But when the time came to get a job– I got rejection after rejection. I don’t know what it was, but I tried to be positive– I made legal notices in the interim & pushed to get anything. After my 50th rejection, I decided to step back & regroup. After some contemplation, I decided to start my own firm– everyone thought I was crazy! I was 22 & starting a firm– even my parents tried to talk me out of it. But I decided that it was now or never– I used all my savings to hire 1 person & rent a small office space. It was a struggle– there was little work. All my savings were invested in this, so I didn’t have any financial stability. I wanted to give up often… I wondered if I was just a bad lawyer, but I yanked myself out of it & decided to focus on my strengths– my writing & salesmanship. My target was to meet 3 new people everyday & pitch myself– most didn’t pay attention to me because I was competing with those who were in the industry for 50 years! I kept pushing– I had to convince someone to give me a shot & let my work speak for itself. After a few months, I landed my 1st big client– I was over the moon! I poured my heart into making every little detail perfect & they were so happy that they signed me on, on retainer. That’s how I began & slowly, I got more clients– I still remember the feeling of getting my first cheque! It made all those rejections worth it. Today, 5 years later, at 28– I have 200 clients & a team of 14 lawyers working with me. I take a chance on all those freshers who didn’t land jobs because I know where they’re coming from. But let me tell you, if I hadn’t been rejected over 50 times, I would have never had the courage to start my own firm. So maybe the next time you get rejected, know that it’ll suck at the time, but in the long may just be the best thing that happened to you!”


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My prettiest mommy❤️❤️❤️ @rajnisantoshbhatia @witengoldjewellery


Kaam aisa karo ki naam ho jaye, ya phir, Naam aisa karo ki sunte he kaam ho jaye😉😉😉😊😇💙 #lale #keepfollowing #keepsupporting #insta #tiktok


Mere hothon ne har baat chupa kar rakhi thi.....meri ankhon ko yeh hunar kabhi aaya hi nahi !!❤ Ty @neelmotwani for suggesting me such lovely quotes and shayaris 😍😘 Thank u team for bringing out the best version of mine !! @ashishsom #ashishsompuraphotography @ManasSompura @malaysompura @yogesh.nikam.7792052 @vicharemeghna @aliyafashionhouse #ilovemyteam


It was superb Reunion Party of " #zeecinestarskikhoj #season1 after almost 14 Years, ohh God it seems only yesterday when we came to Mumbai haha. It great to meet all old friends together, Mazaa aa gayaa. 😃 Thank you so much @lokhandeankita 😍 @namanshaw you were missed. 😄 #reunion #indiasbestcinestarkikhoj #season1 #zeetv #friends #friendsforever #actorslife models #actors #artiste #instagram #gqstyle #gqindia #gq #vogue #travelblogger #coffeeholic #coffeelover #gymshark #crossfitter #blogger #lifestyleblogger #fashionblogger #fashionholic #fashionphotography #photographers #godisgood #nivaansen


*mayanagari* Illusory perfection is achieved when the beholder is aware of the reality and yet chooses to get swayed by the illusion. Here's an example! . . . #mumbai #bombay #sealink #marinedrive #antilia #contrasts #photography #sea #sky #love #nikon #nikkor18_140mm #nikond5600 #nikonglobal


#modal #cute