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here i am—collecting things like honest shouts of joy and first kisses; stuffing them into the pockets of my heart or framing them in exquisite gold frames inside my soul. i desperately wish to capture and hold dearly the beautiful, small moments. the moments that make you smile right before you fade into slumber or the times you had to grasp your chest in order to stop the implosion of feeling. this life is so short and sweet—i don’t want to miss a second of the wonder. i don’t want to miss a second of the feeling bursting from my chest. so here i am—eyes wide and heart pounding; ready to be wonderstruck. // - - - - #uoonyou #theartofslowliving #darlingweekend #theeverygirl #petitejoys


No look, behind the back pass. 🙊


Guess who said YES to the DRESS!! 👰🏼🥂 So beyond excited and sooo happy that my mama was able to fly in to find my dress with me!! ☺️ Can’t wait for you to see it @chriscoates3 💛 . . . #pbcnashville #isaidyes #isaidyestothedress #ltkwedding #gettingmarried #nashvilleblogger #weddingdresses #misstomrs #imengaged #bridemakeup #bridallook #weddinghair


& we will transmit this school, not less, but greater, better and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.... & She did. #balmerstrong


Not sure what I did in a past life to deserve these people, but I’m thankful. #GettinMurd 💍💍


That’s a wrap on rehearsals for #TheReservationsTour! Let the fun begin...


Double Chins and Gucci are my things these days 🤰. // 📷 by: baby daddy


Today I asked 20+ of the most inspirational/uplifting/bad ass women I know to come get super sweaty on a bike with me. Let me just say- I haven’t felt this happy, this loved, this supported in a very long time. Each one of these ladies in that room brings something so incredible and unique, and it’s an honor to know them. Thank you to @verticitycycling + @kimberlynovosel + @kelseyanncox for making this day one I will never forget, and thank you to all the ladies that came out to ride with me. Honestly I feel SO LUCKY and so BLESSED. High on the LOVE from today ❤️❤️❤️


Nashville: Expectation vs Reality 👉🏽 😂 good times were definitely had!


Find the differences hue


I read a quote recently that said “Each day we make a deposit in our child’s memory bank.” It really resonated with me. Life moves fast. It’s easy to get focused on the daily routine and all of the minutia. So I’ve been making a conscious effort to create moments & fun memories each & every day with our son Jett. Sometimes they’re small - like today & flying a kite together in Nashville’s Centennial Park. But it was wonderful. Cultivating joy works!! It just takes a little mindfulness. Swipe for our kite adventure. #nashville #cultivatejoy #jettdiego #mom #boymom #parthenon #centennialpark #kite


*sigh* ..... it’s the little things.... btw what’s your name?? 😂💜🕺🏼


No playback modes. #nashvillenerd #wonderyears



Finally got a day off...let me walk the streets of my #City and my #neighborhood but the wind #bussin


Thanks so much for the suite tix to see the Preds last Saturday! ❤️ #nashvillepropertypartners #nashvillepredators #nhl #throwthecatfish #letsgopreds #latergram


How am I so lucky to get to come home to this sweet snuggler? 😍