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Inside the studio - recording #NeverCominDown for #SpotifySingles!! 👏 Link in bio.


Two years ago I packed up my car and followed my big sister to Nashville. (Who graciously accepted having an unemployed, 22-year-old roomie.) I didn’t know what the hell I was getting myself into, but I ended up finding my perfect boyfriend, met the most beautiful and amazing friends, and I get to watch my nephew grow every day. All of this thanks to my sister, who wouldn’t take no for an answer. 💕


When you are trying to eat right and she asks to get fried chicken for the 5th time this week....


Tag Team back again ...


We’re down dog... for pizza 🍕 #TreatYoSelf #Yoga #DownwardDog


Great night. Great cause. Thanks for having me out, @mrbobbybones #milliondollarshow @stjude


10 years. Findings: Hair brushing skills have not evolved. 🦙✨


Spent the last few days in Nashville having sleepovers with @hannah.billingsley and binge watching a Netflix series called “You” which means my face was stuck like this 😱😱😱 for a few hours. Hannah and I HAD to squeeze in a photo adventure for our own little creative fix so we pulled some clothes from her closet, @madebybeck87 came through and did an amazing job on the make up and then we found a big open field with a pond just down the road! Don’t let not having an entire team and detailed plan hold you back. Sometimes all it takes is your imagination and a little bit of spontaneity 💛 Which portrait(s) are your favs?! I always have a hard time choosing 🙃


Go Preds!!!


Is it working for you?! Day 2 down. We got this! #2019fitchallenge


* *Jacques Torres's Hot Chocolate🍫* My friend recommended this hot chocolate. It is very nice!! It’s not too sweet, and smells good😋❤️ 友達が教えてくれた美味しいココアを買ってみました!🙋‍♀️ Amazonですぐ届いた😳 ニューヨークのブランドらしい🗽✨ アメリカの甘すぎるのが苦手だけど これはとっても美味しい〜😋❤️ 最近寒いから毎晩飲んでしまいそう…🐷🍫 そして他のチョコも可愛いから欲しいなあ…😭❤️ #hotchocolate #chocolate #jacquestorres #cocoa #traderjoes #ココア #ホットチョコレート #チョコレート #ジャックトレス #チョコ好き #チョコ欲がやばい #ニキビできる前提 #トレジョ #至福の時間 #海外生活 #アメリカ生活 #駐在妻


Beautifully framed miniature daisy oil by Marion Cook #gaslamptoo #gaslampantiques #nashvilleantiques


We finally got in a nice big @voluspacandles order today and restocked all your faves! #shelfie #eastnashville #eastnashvilleshops #welcomehomeshop


Hosting the USA TODAY suite tonight. #smashville #bestsuitehostinnashville


One of the first things I loved about Aaron was how much he loved his family and how amazing he was with his nephews (nieces weren’t born yet!).💙 5 more months until I’m the luckiest wife in the world!!👰🏻 #aaronwantstomariclaire #flowergirls #ringsecurity