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life in plastic, it's fantastic πŸ’„πŸ‘™πŸΆ . . . #barbie #keepitlite #aqua #dogs #me @nativeshoes @suziesmay


Keep It Lite β˜”οΈ


Fundraising 101. Last night we got DEEP into all the alternative ways to raise πŸ’°these days from early stage payment processor loans to Kickstarter to crypto-cash hybrids! πŸ€“ major πŸ™πŸ™ @laceynorton for the ciders, @vivmccormick @oanapapuc @rosyatwal for the schooling on early stage loans and professor @philipsoriano for teaching us about Kickstarter and American Express loans. πŸ’― and πŸ™@scotthawthorn for the classroom. #learningthings #seed #seriesa


Even the alleyways are posh now.


All Are Welcome + KITH had the pleasure of leading some fun and curiosity driven conversation with the @nativeshoes team and we made some major impact πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ + You will now find inclusive and accessible washrooms throughout Native Shoes’ head office - and that’s a big win! + Big thank you to Native Shoes for having me in, listening with curious ears, and taking immediate and impactful action that stands for all humans. + #builtofkith


Thank you @nativeshoes for inviting us to #KeepItLite today with a community yoga class. #MindfulMonday #Community #Yvr


I love photographing this human.


Stop and smell the moss. πŸƒ - #SphereisHere #ExploreWithin


Good morning! How do you spend your time waiting for your coffee to brew? #β˜•οΈ