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Todos tenemos un cómplice para las diferentes áreas de nuestra vida. Les presento a Jordan, mi cómplice de escritura, dramas coreanos y BTS. ¿Y ustedes? ¿Tienen una cómplice así con algo que les guste mucho a ambas? Etiquétala. #armys #btsloveyourselftour #btsnewark2018 #fundayout


We out here giving back to the homeless, at the end of the day we all are people, i aint rich but i do what i can even if i can make a little difference in there life #giveingback #anythinghelps #doyourgooddeeds #weallpeople #lovelife 🙏🤘💯


Do you have this cute of a best friend? • • • Day One in NYC! Shoutout to @mistifiedbeauty for making Anna and I look so sun kissed 😍 We’re headed to China Town 🥠 and Little Italy 🇮🇹 today and OMG I’m gonna FEAST. Mozerella and noodles sound like a good combo right?


Disfruta cada momentos , observa la diversidad que te brinda este hermoso país cada día , diferentes personas , diferentes culturas, pero todos hermanos del mismo creador. . AGRADECER ES EL PODER . . #disfrutaelviaje #herbalifetraining #ownboss #letsgetit


Monday pick me ups from the bathroom stalls 🤙🏻❤️🚽 #writingsonthewall #mondaymotivation #youareenough #selflove


When I was 27 I left the acting business to make documentaries that I believed could bring people together and make a difference in the world. The majority of the last last five years (when I'm not shooting #janethevirgin ) has been spent building my media company @wayfarerla with my co-founder and one of my best friends @amusiol. We started making a documentary's in the living room of my house as it was being foreclosed on in 2013. We spent the first few years only making documentaries about those experiencing homelessness and people living with a terminal illness… ( #mylastdays). It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I had never been more broke- but I had also never been happier. Recently- because of my acting schedule it's been hard for me to shoot the way that we used to - but this weekend we got a chance to reconnect and make an incredible project for amazing woman doing so much for her community. I can't wait for you guys to see it. I feel so grateful to be able to create content that can also remind people of our shared humanity. I believe with all my heart that our work can also be a form of service to humanity. No matter what you do.



Went from shower to train in 20 minutes .... ! Breaking commuter records over here... And reppin @ous_oficial thru the city... Studio bound #TheFallingSeason


So today I went to penn station Newark and passed out waters .. it cost me a little but the people and the impact I made was priceless .. so much hate/negativity in the world so I decided to be nice .. THAT SIMPLE ...I encourage all my followers to do a Good deed just because it's the nice thing to do ... 🙌🏿


NJ TRANSIT is proud to partner with The Mental Health Association of Essex and Morris County! The photos were taken as part of an initiative to erase the stigma surrounding mental illness. #erasethestigma #mentalhealthmatters #njtransit @tarajiphenson


The are playing My God by Sister Mary Clarence and the Nuns of St Katherine's on the speakerr at #newarkpennstation #sisteract #sisteract3dropthehabit #sisteranaleeprolapsed



A Tuesday moment thingie