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Woke up at 4am Sunday to get this cardio in. Genetics only go so far. We never seem to accuse pro athletes and others of sacrificing and working harder than anyone else for years, we tend to point to drugs and other variables. Tell you what, no matter where you currently stand, train and eat for 25 years like I have and never miss a day and I guarantee that you’ll put this subpar soccer dad physique to shame. But the problem is, after a couple months people give up when they don’t look like Phil Heath. This is a marathon, not a sprint and if you’re like me, your genetics aren’t anything like Phil’s and it’s just a matter of doing a lot of hard work over many many years. But you need to find something you love to do, make it fit your life, and then just get it done EVERY DAY!


I told y’all ain’t no off season. #southpawoutlaw #lefthandassassin #👑d2


I cried. I laughed. I felt loved and so special. Ya’ll make me want to turn 40 every single year! 🎁💕


First holidays spent together🎄Expectation vs. Reality 🥰😜


#GreyStreet from the upcoming #LiveTrax46 release #DeerCreek #Night2


The happiest and luckiest gal EVER because I had the opportunity to design the logo for the Youth Assistance Program’s Stuff Your Stocking event!! Look for this SWEET poster in all the windows downtown and please considering checking out the event or donating to the Noblesville Youth Assistance Program!


“All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray. I’ve been for a walk...on a (almost) winter day. I’d be safe and warm if I was in L.A... California dreamin’...” This might be my favorite sweater of all time. It’s super comfy and so cute! Definitely lifts my spirit to wear brighter colors when it’s so gray and cold out! 💗 Sweater: Pink Owl @hautelook Jeans: @gap Boots: @chineselaundry @hautelook Earrings: @analuisany Necklace: @dogearedjewelry #indyfashionblogger #indyigers #fashionbloggerstyle #californiadreaming #anniegraceootd #anniegracehawkins #teenfashionblogger #teenfashion #stripedsweater #gap #hautelook #josiepresets #westcoast #noblesville #indianapolisblogger


@Monicasalessaks Thanks for tagging me! I love Yellow Tail 🍷 #yellowtailwineusa Wish me luck☝🙈🙉🙊 @yellowtailwineusa Will be airing a commercial Feb 3, 2019, during the big game, and I am submitting what makes me happy to be entered to be in the national commercial!! Comment on why you think they should pick me. This moment truly made me happy it is the small things that count the most and I love to still be courted like a school girl lol 💃 #tastelikehappy Video description I mentioned that I loved at dinner about 20 minutes before this video was taken. I asked my dinner guest, had they seen this big guy in stores. The next thing I know my love goes in #WalMart for fire starters and milk and he comes out with this big guy. Oh, how I screamed. Talk about a #happygirl#curiousgeorge #contest #Yellowtailwineusa #AngelStarks #Winelover


My sweet over night guest 🥰❤️🥰


Noblesville Schools is here, ready to kick off the week with an INeLearn IG takeover! Follow us as we showcase highlights from our 1:1 journey, lessons, learning spaces & more! #INeLearn #digitallearning #millershift #noblesvilleschools #pre1819


And so it begins ...




Another great photo of my beautiful wife and I. I did not pull out “Blue Steel” on this one.


My beautiful wife made me take pics.


Bred Toe 1 for AM back workout.


‪Snow in Noblesville! ❄️❄️❄️ #daybreak8