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Southern Fairy


The ultimate spot for a weekend getaway 😱🙌 Tag someone you’d love to stay here with! PC: @tate_finley #tentree


7/19 U.S. National Whitewater Center - Charlotte, NC This show and venue is gonna be the happy place I go in my head when I'm doin the mundane daily life shit like waiting in line at the grocery store or sitting in traffic or checking into a La Quinta in Savannah, GA in a few hours. This band brings such a unique life to these songs. Especially when we start playin off each other and letting the songs open up. We ended the first set with "The Garden" and stretched out the ending into this long build that ended in a zeppelin-like riff I didn't wanna leave. One of those strange and elusive and beautiful moments that I'm always in pursuit of when playing with a band every night. Every now and then it happens and I just started laughing looking back at the guys. Haven't had fun like that "sober" in quite a while. I've been writing a lot lately and just mining through the trashcan/landfill of my sub conscience...digging up as many old demons and people I've loved and lost for inspiration and looking for any emotional garbage that can be recycled. It's a weird thing to do but that's the system that works for me I guess. I was thinking about it this morning and realizing that the writing really is "the work" for me. The playing is...playing. The fun part. I could care less about the drive and the load in and the dirty venue or whatever cause this is my vacation from writing god damnit! I do love it but it has been a somewhat torturous process the past few months chasing this new batch of songs. But everything was right in my world for an hour and 15 minutes last night. North Carolina, you own a little space in my heart from now on. Look forward to comin back. We're at the Congress Street Social Club in Savannah, GA tonight. First time in Savannah. Recommendations welcome - JC