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Headed slowing back into the cold and snowy states ❄️ . . 📷 @alleewild Edit by us ✨


This week’s #phioftheweek where we highlight an outstanding brother every Friday is none other than our very own Edgar Lechuga Height- 6’ 2 Weight- 165 Origin- farm in northen Arizona Half man, half bear, half lettuce. He was left unscathed by the lettuce e-coli epidemic. Trained by none other than Denis Rodman, Lechugas rebounding ability is shameless. Despite providing lush beard growing experience he also is rumored to have a tomaté 🍅 mom. This man is enthusiastic and a grade A commentator as proved by his podcast. Will we ever see him not wearing double layers without a flannel? Only time will tell.


Arizona is beautiful


Love is a weird thing. It may be easy for some and harder for others. You fall in and out of love with different people and things all the time. What once was your favorite song is now the same song that annoys you because you’ve heard it too many times. That person that you once confided in when you were feeling low is now the same person that you would immediately ignore their call. As humans our tastes change, for instance I just recently started eating black olives which is a pretty big deal for me. We love and we move on and that’s okay. We find new things that make us feel happy all the time. We shouldn’t feel ashamed for evolving, for growing. Sometimes what worked for us at one point in our life no longer fills our present needs. We deserve to be happy. We deserve to chase our dreams. On this day of love I hope everyone is finding themselves whole and complete. Whether that be with a partner or alone knowing that there is more to come. We are always changing. If you aren’t feeling the way you believe you should on this day, my advice would be this. You owe it to yourself to live a full life, allow yourself to love when possible because you never know what may come out of it. Yes you may have bad experiences but you also may have the best time of your life. If you live your life scared you will die with regret. What are we doing here if we aren’t trying to be happy. If we are worried about the negatives we will never get to experience the fullness of each positive. Life is hectic, you have to know that and know that fighting to stay happy is the way to a beautiful life. No matter how many times you fall in and out of love please just continue to love as much as possible. Love your family, love new experiences, but most importantly love yourself.


Posing so same👯‍♀️


Took a little girls weekend away to visit the better half of AZ + a bit of UT


fourth pic in a row with this beanie! I think it’s becoming my trademark. ❄️ still obsessing over the many adventures I’ve been on this week, if you haven’t checked out my short video from my road trip to Utah and horseshoe bend go to my IGTV and let me know what ya think! I can’t wait to see what other fun journeys this winter break has in store!✨


2/3 This southwestern mystical place never ceases to amaze me.


I’m never quite sure what to do with the few days between Christmas and New Years. Are you supposed to relax? Do a whole lot of planning for the next 12 months? I pretty much settle for a lot of cleaning and organizing. Tidy house, tidy mind, right?


Today was my first time flying out of the Flagstaff airport and man was it a treat. Here’s the the red rocks of Sedona with Oak Creek Canyon carving northward towards Flagstaff, which sits nestled among sleeping giants in the middle of the San Francisco Volcanic Field. The tallest mountain in Arizona, Humphrey’s Peak, stands tall over Flagstaff, and off in the distance—though you can’t see it on camera—I could see the Grand Canyon. This is why I always get the window seat.


Below freezing... but moms got room in her jacket for 2✌🏻🐾😌 . . . . . . . . . . . . #banjoontherun #banjoadventurecat #appalachiancat #travelcat #vancat


I never post anything on here anymore. Here’s a selfie.


Been staring at the snow... trying to catch the white fuzzies!!! ❄️❄️❄️


And I could see for miles, miles, miles




Yaşasırn bern de haybanseber ordum. Eve bir bobcat ardım(borbkert bir anarika ebcir kidisidir)çork iyi annaşıyorus. Çişini kakasını eve yapıror ama orsun. Hirç kısmıyorurm😊🐱 #harbansener #borbkert #ebcirkidi


I’ve been afraid of trying out colorful looks, but I liked how this one turned out! #motd