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linger • As an eleven year old I would sit on my bed with my discman and listen to “No Need to Argue” on repeat. I think I was too young to understand all the feelings that record pulled out of me but whatever it did has remained and shows up from time to time in my own music. RIP Dolores O’Riordan. Thank you


I’m back🙋🏼‍♀️ • • Budapest was absolutely beautiful with so many cafes and bars. Thank you so much to everyone that send recommendations! 🙌🏻 • • I also have some exciting news, I was in my local paper sharing my recipes and talking about #veganuary! You can find out more in my stories 🎉


I have exciting news! 🎉 • • I’m going to be on BBC Radio Nottingham tomorrow morning 🙌🏻 I’m going to be discussing all things food from veganuary to sharing some of my recipes with the team. I’ll also be heading out to the streets to feed some (lucky selected 👀) people to try my food! 🌱 • • If you’re on your way to work tomorrow in Nottingham, keep an eye out for a crazy ginger lady offering free food!


Creamy parsnip soup for a chilly evening. 🥣 • I’d love to know your favourite soup flavours? Whether it’s humble tomato or something exotic, let me know! 💫 • I would just like to say thank you to all the lovely comments on my instagram story today 💕 • • Discussing delicious food, I’m going to tag just a small few of my favourite foodies who inspire me every day 💛


Une idée de balade pour le printemps ? @aladyinlondon est allée l’an dernier faire un tour du côté de Nottingham, dans le centre de l'Angleterre. 😊 "Ye Olde trip to Jerusalem" est auto-proclamée "plus vieille auberge d'Angleterre", et aurait été fondée en 1189. Il y a d'autres concurrents pour ce titre, donc nous dirons seulement que les lieux sont très anciens !⠀ L'auberge se trouve construite sur la roche et sur la muraille du château de Nottingham.⠀ Au menu: des fantômes, une maquette de bateau maudite, des souterrains secrets sous le château... 👻👻 #lovegreatbritain


You talk it.. I live it! _ @bodyengineersofficial Ravic Grey Tank 2.0 with the Grey Snapback and Black Trackies.. _ 15% OFF 👉 'ENGINEEREDBYANDREW' _ Photographer @alexwightmanphotography


Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome... Good evening! 🖤🖤😘 . . . . . _____________________________________________________________ Tap for outfit details or Download the app to shop this pic via screenshot #LTKholidaystyle #LTKsalealert #LTKunder100 #liketkit


LUNGE❌✅ . Join 👉🏻@jgphysique_ for more fitness tips and online coaching! Share with a friend who will benefit from this! . Whilst performing the LUNGE a common mistake made is putting our backs in to a state of LORDOSIS (excessive inward curve of the spine). ❌ . Consequentially our glute initiation and ability to perform the exercise efficiently is severely reduced! ❌ . Furthermore this can mean the transfer of weight is through our toes and added pressure is exerted through our knees! ❌ . KEY LEARNING POINTS: . 1️⃣Ensuring our set up is correct before we make any movement is fundamental. Having a neutral spine and refraining from creating an inward spine (lordosis) and similarly a convex kyphotic curvature of the spine (kyphosis) is essential for greater efficiency during the movement and reducing the likelihood of injury. ✅ . 2️⃣Ensuring our glutes are initiated and ‘tucked under’ creating a vertical line down our hip flexors.✅ Flaring the hip flexors will simultaneously loose initiation of the glutes and the TUT of focused muscle groups will be minimal! ❌ . 3️⃣ After the set-up and initiation is in place we proceed to drop down, painting an imaginary vertical line where the glutes and quads are able to solely work to complete the movement! Doing this will lengthen the TUT through the movement!✅ . 4️⃣In the base of the movement we want to refrain from ‘bouncing out’. Ensuring initiation of the glutes and applied pressure through the HEEL we enable the glutes and quads to fire efficiently as opposed to forcing pressure through our toes! ✅ . Ensuring these practices are put in place will not only limit the chances of injury, yet also maximise the efficiency and results from the exercise! 💪🏼 . Tag a mate who does this ⁉️⤵️ ___________________________ - - #lunges #quads #legpress #legworkout #legs #quadzilla #quadsweep #glutegoals #quadfocus #quadsquad #glute #gluteworkout #gluteday #glutework #fitnessjourney #bodybuilding #exercisemotivation #exercisetips #musclebuilding #lowerbodyworkout #dumbbellworkout #fitlifechoice #exerciseoftheday #weightlossfamily #transformationjourney #exercisedaily #musclemen #getfitorgetfat #getfitordietrying #exercises


Never forget to have fun while you are learning. Try new things, invent, get it wrong that’s the only way to find out how far you can go. Não esqueçam de se divertir enquanto aprendem. Tentem coisas novas, inventem, errem que só assim podemos saber aonde podemos chegar.


I'm launching a new product today, that I'm sure you'll love, but I have lots of little tasks to do before it's ready. I was struggling with focus and motivation last night. So this morning I'm up early to go to see Riaz. I'm sure some long reining will clear my head and I'll then be ready to concentrate at home. . . . . . . #newproducts #wednesdaywisdom #horsesofinstragram #lifebetweentheears #worklifebalance #balance #nottingham #eastmidlands #equinetherapy #horsesarethebesttherapy #equinemassagetherapy


Be one of my first TEN lash CLIENTS! I’ll be giving my first 10 lashes clients 20% off their treatment making a full set of beautiful semi permanent lashes just £24!! • DATES: Friday 2nd March and Saturday 3rd March LOCATION Magnolia Therapy Centre, Mapperely Park, Carrington, Nottingham DM me to book 💕




Nice early start 😔. Is it bed time yet 😴. #earlymorning #tired #gottowork #needmotivation



Nottingham antiques fair #militaria #antiques


Bright pink! With pink lashes. Not sure why I look so sulky. Maybe it was a Monday?! I love how pigmented the colourpop super shock shadows are. I’m super interested to try out their pressed shadows too - have any of you guys tried them? Products used: @urbandecaycosmetics primer potion. Troublemaker mascara. @katvondbeauty Lock it fixing spray. @colourpopcosmetics super shock eyeshadow - slave2pink. @sugarpill ghosted, lumi. @nyxcosmetics_uk Pore filler. @deciem the ordinary - high adherence silicone primer. @benefitcosmetics Roller lash mascara. @anastasiabeverlyhills brow pomade - taupe. Brow gel. Moonchild glow kit. @freedom_makeup brow powder - taupe. @essence_cosmetics make me brow - medium. @themodelinabottle eyebrow sealer. @beccacosmetics under eye brightening cream. @lagirlcosmetics pro concealer light ivory. @smashboxcosmeticsuk Primer spray. @barrymcosmetics strobe cream - iced bronze. @milkmakeup holographic highlighter stick. @kryolanuk day glow effects aqua colour. @makeuprevolution blush palette - blush goddess. #beccacosmetics #modelinabottle #lagirlcosmetics #urbandecay #urbandecaycosmetics #deciem #theordinary #smashboxcosmetics #benefitcosmetics #katvondbeauty #nyx #nyxcosmetics #essencecosmetics #freedommakeup #anastasiabeverlyhills #smashboxsquad #barrymcosmetics #barrym #milkmakeup #sugarpill #colourpop #colourpopcosmetics #makeuprevolution